10 Books We Want To Read By The End Of 2015

GIVEAWAY: With just weeks – WEEKS – to go until the calendar rolls over another year, there are (more than) a few books coming out we’re looking forward to reading. Admittedly, we’ve read some of them already (sorry not sorry) and some we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Jasinda Wilder Answers Questions On Madame X

This week, Jasinda Wilder – author of some of my favorite books – released Madame X, her first book with a traditional publisher. To help celebrate the release, I asked Jasinda a few questions about the book and herself.

About This Whole “Grey” Book

Grey isn’t high literature; it won’t be on a required reading list in high school. Grey isn’t for discerning readers; it’s meant for Fifty Shades of Grey superfans.

The Biggest Release Day Ever!

I hope your bank account is ready for today, because it’s going to get a healthy workout. For this day, June 24th, is being officially declared The Biggest Release Day Ever!

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