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    Modern Romance

    The Blame Game by Tracie Delaney

    Wonderful intro to the world of the Brook Brothers, with hot brothers, a heroine with an ugly past, and a bit of suspense as the cherry on top. ~Jean [5/5 stars]

    Compulsion by Alison Mello

    Instant lust story with twists and turns, an alpha book boyfriend, and a talented and loveable heroine. ~Jean [4/5 stars]

    Out of My League by Jessica Prince

    Just when you think you’ve given up all hope for something special, life can surprise you and show you you’re worth so much more than you think! ~Marlena [4/5 stars]

    Hold Me Today by Maria Luis

    Maria Luis writes a swoony Greek god of a man who finally realizes the woman he’s always known is perfect for him. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]