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    4.5 Stars

    Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller

    Through all of the craziness and heartbreaks in Eyes Wide Open story, these two lovebirds continue the hottest sexing on the planet, which makes for a great continuation of the series. [4.5/5 stars]

    Wanderlust by Skye Warren

    The writing in Wanderlust is excellent and the story is unpredictable, which makes this a must-read for anyone who is comfortable reading morally questionable activities. [4.5/5 stars] ~Angie

    Frenemies by C.C. Wood

    Just like its predecessor, Frenemies is a super hot, super quick, super good read. I highly recommend it as the quintessential beach read or if you need a quickie. [4.5/5 stars]

    Friends With Benefits by C.C. Wood

    I seriously loved this little story. As the perfect (for lack of a better phrase) palate cleanser for reading some heavy books, Friends with Benefits is a sweet, hot, and funny novella. I finished this in one sitting and giggled out loud at several parts. Highly recommended read for when you need a quickie. [4.5/5 stars]

    Exquisite by Ella Frank

    I hate/love when a book I didn’t expect to bring me to tears makes me cry like Tammy Faye. In between the (what felt like) decades of sexual tension between Lena and Mason, there’s a lot of self-discovery and emotion and drama I love. Definitely one to read. [February 2013]