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    Every Little Thing by Samantha Young

    The beautiful scenery and the very real, very engaging characters with their everyday struggles, failures and victories, their intense chemistry and torrid love affairs jump right off the page. It’s an auto-one-click for me, a definite 5 stars, and a Must-Read for all contemporary romance fans.

    The Pawn by Skye Warren

    Avery James’s tribulations bring her to Gabriel Miller, whose brand of salvation is not kind and gentle, and may not be salvation for Avery at all. His brand of hotness, though, is very right, in a scary, domineering alpha kind of way.

    Right by Jana Aston

    Everly and Sawyer kept me laughing and swooning throughout the whole book. I may have shed some tears too, which is rare. I highly recommend binge-reading all of Jana Aston’s books.

    Crave by Jennifer Dawson

    Jennifer Dawson came out of nowhere and gave me exactly what I needed to get out of my book funk with Michael and Layla’s story. Crave has a hot, alpha and Dominant cop who goes after the woman he’s been watching for 6 months.