If you haven’t already devoured The Submission Series by C.D. Reiss, rectify.

No excuses. No whining. No crying. No telling me you get paid next Friday.

You have 99¢, and you will be spending it on this series.

And if you HAVE already devoured the series, you know it’s well worth 99 pennies and then some. Do your friends and family a favor and gift a copy or 7 to everyone who would love it.

Lucky us, C.D. is bringing us Coda, a follow-up story to the whole series. Check out the first 3 chapters of Coda at the end of The Complete Submission!

Enter to Win Submission Series $100

To celebrate the sale of the entire series being less than a dollar — and who knows how long the sale will last — C.D. Reiss is offering up an Amazon Gift Card for $100 to one lucky reader!

What would you buy with your new-found Amazon wealth? Maybe a new touchscreen Kindle (currently $20 off!)? Maybe a new lady toy (a Certified Favorite)? Maybe a buttload of books (we think are Platinum Favorites)?

Get your grubby hands on The Submission Series for 99¢, and while you’re there, get your dirty hands on Kick and Use!



Complete Submission: (The Submission Series, Books 1-8)



Kick: Perdition Series #1 (Songs of Perdition)



Enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card from C.D. Reiss!
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