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When pro surfer Zach Ellis isn’t traveling the world-wide competition circuit, he works as a Renegade stunt double for the hit TV series, Hawaiian Heat. After years of tangling with the ocean, his body has paid the price. So when he gets a shot at a star roll on the show, Zach’s all in. He celebrates the career opportunity by taking a chance on a woman who’s not his usual island-girl type, only to discover he can’t bear to let her go.

Tessa Drake belongs mired in legislative battles in Washington DC, not standing on the sidelines of a filming set in Maui like a wannabe starlet. But even more important than her law career, Tessa needs Zach Ellis’s signature on legal papers. Papers that relinquish his parental rights so Tessa can adopt the girl who already calls her mommy. When she discovers Zach has slipped out of town before she makes contact, Tessa takes solace in the sexy star of Hawaiian Heat. A man whose warmth and dazzling grin makes her Mensa-level IQ vanish into thin air.

After an electrifying night together, Tessa is horrified to discover just who rocked her world. Zach is stunned to learn he’s a father. And both find themselves caught in a riptide pulling them in the opposite direction of their dreams.

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Excerpt from Riptide

She blew out a breath, trying to calm her nerves, but it wasn’t working. “I came to talk about Sophia, but…I don’t think this is a good time…”

“Hey.” He came toward her, his voice soft and concerned. “What’s wrong?”

A better question would be ‘What wasn’t wrong?’

“Everything,” she said, dropping her hand and sniffling back the sudden sting of tears. “Nothing.” She choked back more emotion. The urgent need to find a dark corner where she could break and no one would see overwhelmed her. She turned toward the door. “I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”

“Hold on.” His warm hand closed on her forearm, then his other slipped around her waist from behind. “Hold on.”

Tessa squeezed her eyes shut and rubbed them hard, willing the tears to dry up, but the emotions inside her wouldn’t stop spiraling, and a sob escaped.

He turned her to face him and enveloped her in his arms all at the same time, pulling her to her toes and stealing her breath. She was trapped in his big, strong arms, holding her like she mattered, like she meant something to him—something more than a meaningless hookup. More than the woman he had to deal with to see his daughter. More than a pseudo-mom, a nursemaid, an employee.

Her mind couldn’t wait for a private place to snap. She’d endured too much for too long. Hearing Zach’s honest opinion of her overloaded her already overtaxed emotional system. Tears leaked from her eyes and slid over his bare skin.

“Sh-shit…” she stuttered through the emotion choking her. “I’m s-sorry. I just…” She took another breath, but couldn’t find control. “It’s all so much s-sometimes…”

“Shh, it’s okay.” He stroked her hair and kissed her head. “Let go. I’m here.”

That made her cry harder—in fear, in hope, in gratitude. God, she was so fucked-up. She buried her face against his chest. She had to stop. He was going to think she was a lunatic. That she was unstable and couldn’t take care of Sophia.

“Tessa,” he crooned, his voice so soft, so understanding. “The harder you hold on to it, the scarier it seems. You’re safe here. Let it go.”

Her body didn’t give her a choice. The tears flooded over her lashes, the sobs choked her, and she trembled.

Zach slid his arms lower and picked her up. Carrying her to the couch, he sank into the cushions, where he pushed her thighs apart so she straddled his lap. He tilted his head and pressed kisses to her cheeks, then rubbed away the tears. He combed his hands through her hair and murmured such sweet things. “I’m here. I’m not going to steal Sophia. You’re an amazing mother. We’re going to work this out. I’m scared too, but we can do this. I believe in us.”

His words were so sweet, they hurt. And it felt like forever before her body relaxed against his. Until her sobs quieted to hiccups. Until she could breathe properly.

He cupped her face and pushed her back to look at her. So much emotion brewed in his eyes—passion, intensity, confusion. Then he leaned in while pulling her toward him and kissed her hard. A murmur of surprise ebbed from her throat. His tongue swept into her mouth, found hers, and devastated her with an erotic kiss she felt all the way to the bone. Dizzy, she leaned back to tell Zach they shouldn’t make things any more complicated. But he pulled her tee off over her head, stroked those big, warm hands down her back, and Tessa’s resistance caved.

Shared with permission from the author

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