The currency is pleasure and the cost is a surrender of power.

Investigative journalist Sloane Winters has one goal: take down The Underground, the exclusive BDSM club that’s swallowed her twin. Her exposé will show her sister the truth—there’s no such thing as harmless fun in BDSM.

Darko Aralica immediately recognizes Sloane as a submissive, but her judgmental arrogance about kink is an intriguing challenge. When she begs him to teach her submission, he accepts. He’ll prove Sloane’s rightful place is at The Underground—or tied to his bed.

Darko begins Sloane’s training, guiding her through sensual scenes that strip away her preconceptions about the lifestyle – and herself. Sloane thought she wanted the truth.

But the truth doesn’t always set you free.

Welcome to The Underground.

You can’t buy your way in. You can’t screw your way in. But you might earn your chance to enter the inner circle and submit to Doms who know your desires better than you do. If you can take it. There can only be one winner of the Submission Games. It probably won’t be you.

Get on your knees.


As a little bonus incentive, Tamara’s giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to someone who pre-orders MAKE ME! For a chance to win, simply forward your receipt of purchase email or a screenshot of the same to for verification.

Winner will be revealed on March 10th (release day) on her Facebook page.

See you at The Underground…


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