Have you seen the Killer Buzz Float about Kendall Grey’s newest Hard Rock Harlots installment entitled ROCK?

Well, Smut Muffins, here are both the censored and uncensored covers of the new book!

Why are there two covers? Kendall explains:

“The censored cover fits the tone of the book perfectly and sends a clear message. There’s a lot of symbolism hiding beneath the surface there.”

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what ROCK is all about. The book description is coming your way then!

And if you don’t know the Hard Rock Harlots, rectify. They’re each ★★★★★ and completely filthy.


If you’d like to read chapter one of ROCK the day before it releases, Kendall will send it to her newsletter subscribers on March 2. Join her mailing list here.

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What do you think? Censored or uncensored?

ROCK 800x533 ROCK censored 800x533

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