Adrian and Kyleigh Jane went bonkers over this series. How bonkers?

[su_quote]Simply put, this book (as is the entire series) is fan-fucking-tastic. And don’t even get me started on the epilogue.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Oh my gosh, you guys. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.[/su_quote]

Because they lost their shit over these books, we’re participating in K. Bromberg’s CRASH Dash!

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The premise of Colton & Rylee’s Awesome Scavenger Hunt (CRASH) is to create a fun task list for readers to complete and at the same time experience their own Driven Trilogy trip down memory lane like in Crashed. There are 22 tasks. Readers must complete 20 of the 22 tasks to be entered into the final grand prize drawing. The grand prize is a complete signed set of the Driven Trilogy and there will be a few runner ups as well. This is meant to be fun and readers can get as creative as you want with it. Please visit the Facebook Page or my Website for more information and how you submit your proof of task completed.

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Excerpt from Chapter 12 of Crashed:

Be selfless for the first time in my life.
And the time has come.
Way too soon—forever would be too fucking soon—but it has come.
And the thought has every single fucking part of me protesting over the gut-wrenching hurt that’s to come. That I’ll be inflicting on myself. Pain I’m sure that will be a thousand times worse than these ear-splitting headaches that come and go on a fucking whim because this kind will be from tearing myself apart, not from trying to put myself back together.
Humpty fuckin’ Dumpty.

CRASH Dash Task:
You must take a picture of you with something black and white checkered

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