Dear Mistress,
I’ve read A LOT of BDSM books. In some of the books, a Dominant will release a submissive, but will find him/her a new Dominant. Is this fact or fiction in real life?

Dear EMPHATIC Reader,
I love that you read A LOT. I discussed releasing a submissive previously and the issues that arise. It can be a very emotional, traumatizing event and something that is not to be taken lightly.

A responsible Dominant will make sure the submissive breaks from the relationship with as few emotional scars as possible. It is perfectly normal for the Dominant to continue to guide the submissive to ensure they do not become destructive or fall victim to poor rebound decisions. This includes not only continuing to mentor, but to also interview new candidates for the submissive. Does it always happen? No. Should it? In my opinion, yes.

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Dear Mistress,
I think I’m kind of just getting to understand what my boyfriend wants. He likes the being told what to do. I don’t see either of us getting our kink on, but since I have a submissive personality, it makes me worry about all sorts of stuff. Will he judge me? Will he think I’m a bitch?

Dear Baby Domme,
Well, you don’t want to bark (unless you like puppy play — I mean, it might be your thing). You want to be firm, direct, and in control; there is a huge difference.

The biggest thing is confidence. OWN IT. Confidence is SEXY. You have to remember — he wants this. So you are already in a good position.

Decide on a safeword (both of you). Safewords are not just for pain; they are used to stop all activity if it becomes necessary. There is no shame or embarrassment in needing to stop. You think there is no kink here, but ohhhhhh think about it. The kink side to this is that you are controlling all activity and his orgasm. That’s kinky and sensual at the same time.

Take it slow. Start with easy commands that let him know YOU are in charge. Start with confidence building outside of the bedroom first. It’s very hard to tell someone how to be confident when it goes against who they are, so I would start by giving him small commands.

As he obeys you, it helps to build your confidence. For example, tell him text you every hour on the hour and in one sentence, he has to tell you something he wants you to do to him.

This serves two purposes:

  1. You know where his head is at, and
  2. It gives you ideas on what to do to him at a later time, hence controlling the activity.

To take it a step further, consider making yourself come in front of him while he watches. That is the ultimate in control. Tie his hands behind his back. He can only watch and listen. Or, no hands and no eyes — he can only listen to you and imagine what you are doing. Talk to him while you do it. After you come, remove his blindfold and restraints and tell him that he has to fuck you and describe to you what he imagined.

Is it hot in here? Woof woof!

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Dear Mistress,
I’ve been reading BDSM books, but I’m tired of the fluff. I don’t want Fifty Shades of Hearts and Flowers. I want real. I want intense. Can you please share some nitty gritty recommendations?

Dear Nitty Gritty,
Damn, ok…you asked nicely, so let’s do this! Of course I have recommendations; this is Shameless Book Club after all. I even consulted with Lina, SBC’s go-to gal for all your kink reading recommendations. We won’t steer you wrong.

Mephisto Series by SBC Elite Author Annabel Joseph:

Hardcore BDSM with Master/slave theme, loaning out to a different Master. Lots of edging and orgasm denial, mind fucks, and sadism.

As She’s Told by Anneke Jacob

From the blurb: “The ideal D/s relationship for Anders and Maia is nothing less than total power exchange: no games, no negotiations, no safewords.”

You know that As She’s Told is not a hearts and flowers, glitter kink type of story.

Owned and Owner by Anneke Jacob

This is SciFi, a different world with complete power exchange, complete slavery. It is extreme. Very hot for the hardcore lovers. There’s even some pony play (though that’s not a prominent theme).

Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield

Carrie’s story has has total power exchange, pony play, puppy play, secret slave societies & auctions, all the far out stuff!



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