Before we get started on what you need for your diddling starter kit, I want to share with you what an enthusiastic Smut Muffin did this morning. The Today Show was broadcasting from Alaska, and to show her love for Smut Book Club, she was up at 1am out in the cold of Alaska to hold up her sign:

Smuffins Diddle Me This on Today Show

Now THAT is fucking awesome. Thanks, Tressa!

~Angie, Head Smut Mistress


One of my oldest and dearest friends, Rita, gave me my very first vibrator when I was 21. 21! Hello?! Late bloomer. raises hand

Up until that point, I had the same sex toy that all of us have… my fingers. They did the job so why change what works, right? That was my philosophy until I spent that first night with my new hot pink, VERY HARD plastic, twist at the bottom, C-battery-eating BOB (battery operated boyfriend).

Whoa!!! This is what all the fuss is about? Why has it taken me so long to enter the land of multiple vibrating induced orgasms? WHY?

It brings me back to that Sex in the City episode where Carrie, Miranda and Samantha introduce Charlotte to The Rabbit for the first time. Girlfriend didn’t leave her house for days. DAYS! They had to do an intervention and drag her ass out of her apartment. Though I wasn’t like that with my first BOB, I totally get it when it come to my LELO. Can I get an AMEN, girls?

So I thought I would help you out a bit with your first arsenal of BOBs. Whether you are a virgin when it comes to sex toys, or you have an entire hat box full of your favorite joy riders, we all had our first. It was most likely a clitoral stimulator. For some of us, it takes years to master the art of a vaginal orgasm, even though it seems that all the ladies in the books we read can come (or cum, whatevs) seconds after his hard manhood enters her love tunnel (haha). That is just not how it works in the real world!. We need a bit more, and that’s totally fine. Here are my suggestions for the beginners.

Diddle Me This Starter Kit

For your playtime at home:

Massager Mini – Ultra Powerful Compact Vibrating Personal Massager with Built-in Rechargeable Battery – Discrete Size, 2 Speeds, White

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Mini Massager Pure

For your playtime on the go, every girl loves her bullet:

Multi Speed Remote Control Wireless Sex Toy Vibrating Egg Vibe Vibrator

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Vibrating Egg Remote

Have on hand:

Slippery is better! TRUST A SISTER ON THIS! Get your lube on… literally and liberally.

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Passion lube

Be a good girl now and clean your toys or no dessert for you!

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Trinity toy cleaner

Just in case you need a little help in the orgasm department I’ve added a quick read for you. I know this isn’t our usual genre of books here at Smut Book Club but it did get 5* reviews and that’s important to us!!

Make Her Orgasm Again and Again: 48 Simple Tips & Tricks to Give Her Mind-Blowing, Explosive, Full-Body Orgasm After Orgasm, Night After Night

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Make Her Orgasm Again and Again

Now don’t be shy and get your diddle on!


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