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We started with 32 of the most salacious dirty quotes from the books we love published since the beginning of 2014, and now we’re down to the FINAL TWO!

Your voices have been heard, and after your over 21,000 votes, the FINAL TWO can be announced! And WHOOO BOY are they dirty.

Congratulations to Harper Sloan and Joanna Wylde — both members of the SBC Elite Author Club — for writing the two of our favorite dirty quotes!

Vote for your favorite, just make sure you’re sure before you vote because you can only vote once! Don’t worry if you haven’t yet read the books; you’re voting on the quote itself.

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[one_half]Locke Cover

Locke by Harper Sloan

“Make no mistake, Emmy. Once I get you home and healed, I’ll be spanking that ass until it’s bright pink and you’re begging for me to make you come. Then I’m going to eat you until you’re screaming for me to let you come. When you think you can’t take a second more of just the mere thought of the pleasure I’m going to give to you, only then will I think about giving it to you, but it will most definitely be after I spank the sass out of you.”[/one_half][one_half_last]Reaper's Stand by Joanna Wylde

Reaper’s Stand by Joanna Wylde

“Cock,” he said, relishing the word. “I want to stick my cock into your pussy. Don’t worry—I’ll get you nice and ready first. Open you up with my fingers, make sure you’re so wet and hot that when you wrap around me, it’ll feel like I’m fucking a goddess because you’re goddamn perfect, London. I can’t wait to feel your cunt squeezing me. Lick your clit, taste you . . . It’ll be good between us. You know it will.”[/one_half_last]



Reaper's Stand

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