Go ahead and read this tasty morsel from Becoming Calder before you scroll down for the cover reveal and giveaway.

Becoming Calder Excerpt

Fucking HOT, amirite?

That nugget of sexy is from the upcoming book, Becoming Calder, by New York Times Best Selling author, Mia Sheridan.

Though we have to wait until October to read the rest, Mia is generously offering advance copies to two Smut Book Club readers because she’s awesome like that.

And because I’m awesome, I’m giving away the Mia Sheridan trilogy: Leo, Stinger (both Nelle-recommended), and Archer’s Voice (I gave it ★★).

Buy Now From Amazon[/one_third][one_third]
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Buy Now From Amazon[/one_third_last]

Why? Because today is Mia’s birthday AND cover reveal day!

Peanuts Dancing gif

Happy Birthday, Mia!

You’re not supposed to give us things on your day; we’re supposed to shower you with goodies and pictures of hot men.

But thank you anyway, because Calder is MIGHTY FINE on this cover.


Becoming Calder Smut Book Club Exclusive


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