I’m having a hard time getting over the beauty of this cover.

Eden Cover

RIGHT? She’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. EVERY! ONE! IS! GORGEOUS!

And after seeing both Becoming Calder’s cover and now Finding Eden’s, we’re seriously champing at the bit to get our grabby hands on this story in October when the books are released together.

Calder Eden Covers 600 Exclusive

Excerpt — Becoming Calder

I released a breath and let my fingers continue their journey, over one pectoral and down to one of his nipples where I used my pointer finger to trace around it gently. I’d wanted to touch him for so long. I could hardly believe this was real.

“Eden,” Calder choked out. “You’re killing me. I’m dying.”

I smiled, my eyes still watching my fingers as they trailed even further down his stomach. “No. You’re living. We’re living. Right here, together. It’s been suggested that dying would separate us forever, and I refuse to let you go.” My eyes met his then and something seemed to spark between us right before he leaned forward and took my mouth again, his tongue thrusting slowly and leisurely as I came up on my knees and moved even closer so that I could feel his bare skin against my own.

Calder Teaser 600

Archer’s Voice

Mia has also written Archer’s Voice, a huge favorite of ours. If you don’t know Mia’s sweet, silent boy (and the dirty things he does), get busy 1-clicking now.


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