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Ricochet SBC Exclusive

Catch up with the first two Renegades books — Reckless and Rebel — before Ricochet comes out on July 14th! Though they can be read as standalone books involving different couples, the series has interconnecting characters and story lines.


Reckless ★★★★

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Rebel ★★★★½

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Ricochet will be out on Tuesday, July 14th, and once it’s live, we’ll share it with you! Make sure you Follow and Get Notifications from Smut Book Club on Facebook.

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Excerpt from Ricochet

“I’m just checking that you have everything you need,” Rachel said.

She turned her back to him and bit her lip for courage before she lifted her arms overhead to shake the sheet loose and let it float to the mattress. Her dress cleared her naked ass cheeks as soon as her arms were shoulder high, and cool air swept over her bottom, her thighs, her sex. Then the hem of her dress slowly hid her body from view again as she lowered her arms when the sheet touched the mattress.

“Since the housekeeper doesn’t start until tomorrow morning,” she said, talking to keep her nerves under control, “I’ll just make this for you real quick.”

At one corner, she bent enough for her dress to lift over the curve of her cheeks as she secured the elastic band around the mattress. Nathan was so utterly silent, she darted a sidelong look as she moved to the upper corner of the bed.

His mouth was open, his gaze dark and dazed on her body, as if he’d been shocked stupid.

A little thrill of accomplishment, of power, gave Rachel the confidence to continue. She leaned farther over this corner, working to get the sheet over the mattress, and her dress rode higher. “I’m sure you’re tired.”

His deep exhalation made giddiness bounce in her throat. She had to just go for it. All or nothing.

She cast one quick look to make sure he was still watching before she lifted one knee to the mattress, then the other. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep my boots off the sheet.” She lowered to her palms and slowly started crawling across the mattress, her ass and her sex completely exposed. She had to close her eyes against the confusing sense of both excitement and shame, and thanked God she wasn’t looking at him or she’d never have been able to do it. “These last couple corners are always the hardest, you know?”

“Mother of God,” he rasped, creating a spurt of joy through her body. Knowing his eyes were on her pussy, watching her move, made her ridiculously wet and horny.

She tugged the one corner into place, then started for the last, without any freaking idea what she’d do if he didn’t make a move by the time she had the sheet on.

His hand closed around her calf above the top of her boot, and she gasped just before he yanked. Her knees came out from under her, and she landed on her belly with a surprised screech, which continued as he dragged her to the end of the bed.

By the time he’d flipped her over, her dress was crumpled up around her breasts, her body on full, naked display. With his hand still tight on one calf, his gaze poured heat over her body once more before he met her eyes. And the look there punched her gut with lust.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he asked, his voice rusty and dangerous.

She lifted on her elbows, then pushed up on her hands. “Um…” She tried a tentative smile. “I really don’t know much about, you know, seduction, but…it’s all I could think of at the last minute.”

After his hungry gaze touched every inch of her bare skin, it returned to hers. His other hand gripped the opposite calf, and his jaw muscle jumped with tension. With a sudden jerk, he pulled her to the edge of the bed, parting her thighs and pulling her legs around him.

“Are you playing by the rules we talked about earlier?”

Her gaze ran over his body. She wanted him so bad, she hurt. Her pussy throbbed to feel his cock inside her. Her breasts ached for his mouth. Every inch of her body felt like a mess of electrical wires with live current arcing through but nowhere to go. “Yes.”

She pushed up to a sitting position, wrapped her legs tight around his thighs, curled her fingers into the waistband of his pants, and kissed his navel. Nathan’s skin quivered beneath her lips, and he growled at the same time that one of his hands drove into her hair and pulled her head back. The pressure along her scalp pinched, and she winced for a second as she looked up at him.

Then his hand relaxed. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want…to try it.” She forced herself to be honest, which required vulnerability. “I still think you’re too much for me. And I think your sexual needs will quickly overwhelm me.”

She closed her eyes and licked her lips, and when she opened her eyes again, so much emotion swirled in Nathan’s gaze, it reached into her heart. This was intimate. She didn’t care what label he put on it to make himself feel better, but she was baring herself to him in a way she’d never done with any man in her past. And the mere act of him hearing her and accepting her, as is, flaws and insecurities and all, was one of the most generous acts she could ever remember a man showing her.

“But I want you,” she continued, “tortured trying to stay away from you when you’re right here. And I know you’re only in my life for a very short time.” She pulled in a breath. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, interfere in anyone’s life, but I don’t want to regret not experiencing you when I had the chance either.”

The look that passed through his eyes was troubled. Deeply painful. And gut-wrenchingly raw.

She’d hurt him. She didn’t know how, but she’d hurt him. And regret slammed her chest like a brick. Emotion stuttered into her lungs on a breath. “I’m sorry—”

His head swept down, and his mouth took hers in a vicious kiss. Rough, fierce, borderline painful as he pulled her head back by her hair, stroking his tongue into her mouth like he was lapping up his salvation. His lips pressed and sucked at hers. His teeth bit and tugged.

Rachel turned her head, forcefully breaking the kiss. “Nathan—”

His teeth moved down her neck, lips sucked at her collarbone. Then he dropped to his knees, the sound thudding through the small space. He gripped her thighs, lifted her legs, and hooked the heels of her boots on the footboard, then forced her thighs wide and pulled her hips toward him at the same time.

“Nathan—” His mouth covered her sex in an open, erotic tongue-stroking kiss. “Ah God!”

Rachel dug her fingers into his hands, her body shocked by the intense pleasure. His mouth was as rough and hungry as it had been on her mouth, and she couldn’t hold still, couldn’t stay quiet. His mouth covered her, his tongue stroking and plunging, his lips sucking. He seemed to have no boundaries, no place he wouldn’t lick her, no time limit on pleasuring her.

The approaching orgasm flooded fast. Too fast. She wasn’t ready. She needed more. Needed slow. Needed to feel his body close. Needed…

“Oh fuck. Fuck. Nathan…wait…please…”

Too late. The pleasure rose in a mammoth wave and broke hard, so intense she screamed. But Nathan’s hand was over her mouth, muffling the sound, his mouth still on her pussy, pushing, pushing, pushing for more. Her body obeyed, her hips lifting off the bed, her pussy against his mouth until another orgasm gripped her in hard convulsions, bowing and flexing her muscles, twisting her body, arching her back.


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