Lauren Blakely is about to destroy us with Jack Sullivan.

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About Nights With Him

Jack Sullivan is a Sex Toy Mogul.

An extremely eligible bachelor in New York, he’s the full package, right down to his full package. Hell, this man could be the model for one of the toys his company, Joy Delivered, peddles. Instead, he’s the powerful and successful CEO and he’s got commitment issues a mile-long after the tragic way his relationship with his fiancée ended.

He’s looking for a way to erase the pain and that arrives in the form of Michelle Milo. From her pencil skirts to her high heels, she’s his perfect fantasy, especially since she has no idea who he is the night they meet at a hotel bar. He doesn’t have a clue either that she’s the brilliant psychologist his sister has arranged for him to see to help him get over his past. She’s simply the stunning woman he takes to bed that night and delivers many Os of joy too.

His touch helps her forget that other man.

When he shows up at her office door the next day, there’s no way in hell she’s going to treat him after they’ve slept together. Jack isn’t willing to let go of the first woman he’s felt anything for in years so he proposes a deal – share her nights with him for thirty days. At the end of one month of exquisite pleasure, they walk away, having helped each other move on from their haunted pasts.

But soon, all those nights threaten to turn into days as the lines between lust and matters of the heart start to blur. Can two people so terribly afraid of love truly fall head over heels?

Nights with Him is a standalone full-length novel in the bestselling Seductive Nights series following the love affair of a new couple.


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iTunes: Nights with Him

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First names only for one night of pleasure…

He’s only at the hotel to close a business deal. Then he sees her, and his agenda for the evening shifts—woo her, win her, and make sure she never forgets who gave her the most exquisite pleasure she’s ever had. Jack Sullivan, a billionaire, and one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors, is captivated by the brilliant and beautiful Michelle Milo. From her witty mouth to her sinful body, she’s his perfect fantasy. But there’s more than the undeniable chemistry; they both might be exactly what the other needs. As soon as he has her, he knows one night with her will never be enough. The trouble is, he’s about to run into her tomorrow…in the last place he expects.

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Nights With Him Tour Giveaway

Lauren Blakely does it again and brings readers more smoldering, sexy nights in her Seductive Nights Series with her newest novel, NIGHTS WITH HIM.

In Lauren Blakely’s newest Seductive Nights novel, Jack Sullivan convinces Michelle Milo that he can “show her worlds of pleasure.” And judging from the number of Os he gives her, the man delivers on that promise! Lauren wants to deliver with worlds of pleasure for her readers too — so she’s offering several extra special giveaways with this novel, and we’re thrilled to help announce them!

First, ANYONE who preorders NIGHTS WITH HIM will receive a Julia and Clay short story! That means EVERYONE who preorders is a winner! Readers will be thrilled to know that Julia and Clay, the hero and heroine from the first 3 Seductive Nights novels, have some more story left in them. Lauren has written an exclusive short story that takes place after ONE MORE NIGHT, and you are not going to want to miss what happens next! Anyone who preorders and ENTERS HERE will be emailed the short story. Already pre-ordered? That’s great! You can still enter by filling out the form and entering your order number! NIGHTS WITH HIM is available for preorder on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Google Play. Barnes & Noble users who buy NIGHTS WITH HIM on release day, and fill out THIS FORM on release day, can receive the short story during release week as well.

Second, have you ever wanted to spend the night at a Ritz Carlton Hotel? Then you’ll want to take the Be Seduced quiz to enter to win a night at a Ritz Carlton and discover worlds of pleasure on your own! To celebrate the launch of the book, Lauren is giving away a $500 gift card for a stay at the Ritz nearest you!* Readers can access the quiz in the eBook version of NIGHTS WITH HIM, and will have until November 15th to enter the quiz. To be clear, the back of the NIGHTS WITH HIM eBook is the ONLY location with the link to the quiz. The grand prize winner will also receive a $100 gift card for Lelo, makers of premium sex toys, just like the one Jack uses on Michelle in this scene.

Lastly, NIGHTS WITH HIM is a full-length, standalone erotic romance novel that follows the love affair of a new couple, Jack and Michelle, and does not have a cliffhanger. It’s ONLY $3.99 during the preorder period, but this price will go up to $4.99 during release week.

So pre-order your copy of Lauren Blakely’s NIGHTS WITH HIM today. Don’t miss this hot and sexy new novel or these amazing opportunities to enter to win! Then, delve into this amazing first excerpt from NIGHTS WITH HIM and enter to win your own paperback copy!

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Nights With Him Exclusive Excerpt

Smut Book Club-Exclusive Excerpt

He smiled and fingered a strand of her hair. “Do you have any idea how
nice it is to be involved with a shrink? You don’t overreact to

She laughed. “I still have emotions, Jack. Being a psychologist
doesn’t mean I’m devoid of them, or that I can manage them properly
all the time. Sometimes, I can misbehave horribly.”

Just then the lights flashed, and the orchestra took the stage, the
virtuoso musicians settling into their chairs, ready to launch into
Brahms Fourth Symphony.

“I can misbehave too,” he said, mischief skipping across his blue eyes.

She drew a sharp breath, expecting him to brandish his remote and send
pleasure shooting straight into her core.

But he didn’t. Instead, he took her hand, and turned his attention to
the stage to watch, and listen. She enjoyed the music too, feeling it
wrap its way around her, slink into her mind and body as the sound of
the flutes soared through the cavernous hall. But she was waiting,
too, tense, hoping to feel that pleasure again.

As the violinists picked up their bows, her eyes widened, and she
gripped the arm of her chair. He’d turned it back on, and he’d turned
it to high. She held her breath as she let herself adjust to the
intensity of the vibrations between her legs, but soon he lowered the
pressure, letting it buzz against her at the lowest level, a faint but
still-present sensation, as if he were gently rubbing his fingertip
against her clit. Like they were lying on her couch, watching a movie,
and he’d decided to dip a hand inside her panties and absently stroke
her while staring at the screen.

That was how it felt. Enough pleasure to send her body into a
heightened awareness, a craving for more. But not enough to satiate
her. Not enough at all. She wanted more, and as the bassoons joined in
she was about to beg for it, to tap him on the shoulder and ask him to
turn it up and get her all the way off. But this man could read her
perfectly. He glanced over, and she was sure he was taking in her
expression as she tried valiantly to not show the world that she
wanted him to make her come in her panties at Avery Fisher Hall.

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