[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here you’ll find all the answers to all the questions asked about Shameless Book Con 2018 presented by Entangled Publishing. If you don’t see your question answered, please leave your question in the comments section at the end of this post.


What does my ticket get me into?

ALL of the ticket info you need can be found on the Attendee Tickets Info page.

How many tickets can I buy at a time?

You may purchase up to 2 tickets per order. Each attendee needs to have a ticket in their own name because we use name badges for entrance.

How can I buy a ticket?

You may purchase a ticket on Eventbrite. Tickets may also be purchased at the event, depending on availability.

I need assistance with my books or help during the signing. Does my companion need a ticket?

Yes, every person entering the signing event must have a ticket. We offer a “No-Frills” ticket that an assistance companion may purchase. Please let us know that your companion has a No-Frills ticket for check-in with you.


Can I bring my kids?

All attendees entering the signing must be at least 16 years old. Exceptions can be made for baby-wearing.

The Smut Gala: Shameless Sideshow sponsored by Meredith Wild is a 21+ event.

What time can I line up to enter the signing?

You’re allowed to line up as early as your crazy ass wants to line up. The hotel will allow you to wait outside under the walkway by the pool.


Will I be able to buy books at the signing?

There will be a pop-up bookstore on site that will offer traditionally published books by many of the authors signing. Indie-published authors will have a selection of their own books at their table for sale. Most indie authors will offer pre-orders. Pre-order forms will be published throughout 2018 and available in the Attendee Facebook Group.

What can I use to haul my books around the signing?

We will be strictly enforcing our policy of NO HARD-SIDED ROLLING CARTS in the event room during the signing.

We recommended the Smart Cart by dBest soft-sided rolling cart (we’ve seen it priced anywhere from $5-30+) available on Amazon, eBags, or wherever you buy your soft-sided rolling carts.

There’s also this super strong large open top all-purpose tote if you don’t want something that rolls.

If you don’t like those options, any soft-sided cart or tote that measures no larger than carry-on luggage is fine.

Can I preorder books from authors to pick up at the signing?

Heck yeah! Many indie authors will allow you to preorder books to pick up when you meet them at the event. We are keeping a list of authors who tell us they have preorder forms which you can access here. The list will be updated as authors tell us about their availability.

NOTE: Preorders are the responsibility of the author and the buyer; Shameless will not be an intermediary for any preorder issues at any time. 

Will we be able to bring books from home to get signed?



What is the theme of the after party? Do I have to dress up?

The Smut Gala: Shameless Sideshow sponsored by Meredith Wild will be unlike any other after party you’ve attended. Our 2016 and 2017 events were OUTRAGEOUS! For 2018, we are going over the (big) top with our theme: sideshow. From costume contests to carnival games, you’re guaranteed to have a night to remember.

We strongly encourage dressing up in costume, however you interpret “sideshow.” Think freaky, wild, and over-the-top! Juggler, Strongman, Fortune Teller, Bearded Lady, Acrobat, and any other sideshow character you can think of.

Dressing like a creepy clown is strictly forbidden.

What is UnHoly Day: Candy & Spoons?

Sunday at Shameless Book Con will be taken over by the hugely popular event Entangled Publishing has put on at other signing events. It will be a morning – OK, early afternoon – of loud, fight-to-the-death fun with authors, boxes of candy, big raffles, and TOWERS of books to take home!

When can I sign up to attend Dear Mistress?

We will open up registration to attend Dear Mistress in early 2018. An email will be sent to all attendees prior to the ticket release. This is a very popular, very limited capacity intimate Q&A with our own Lady in Charge. Dear Mistress is a free event with a suggested charity donation accepted at the door. Every attendee and author who wants to attend must register.

I’m an author assistant. What am I allowed to attend?

There are two types of assistants available to authors: Full Assistant and No-Frills Assistant.

Full Author Assistants are allowed into the VIP Cocktail Party and Showcase on Friday; entry with your author on Saturday morning at 9am and The Smut Gala.

No-Frills Author Assistants are allowed entry into the signing room only to assist their author.

Check with the author you’re assisting to find out if you are a Full Author Assistant or a No-Frills Assistant.


Where can I sign up to be an author at a Shameless signing?

Thanks for your interest! Here’s the link to add yourself to our Interest Form.

What is the most updated list of attending authors?

The most updated list of authors committed to signing at Shameless Book Con 2018 can be seen and downloaded here.

A list of publishers and models who are attending is found here.

Authors who previously committed but have since canceled can be seen here.


When can I book my hotel room at the DoubleTree?

Now! Go to our special booking page and reserve your room!

Group Rate: $140/night
Group Code: SBC

Will the elevators be working?

We’ve been assured by several higher ups at the DoubleTree that their elevators are currently – and will be – fully functional during our event. Thanks be.

How much is parking?

Our special parking rate is $14/day and overnight.

Don’t see your question answered above?

Ask it in the comments below! You’ll get an email with our answer, and it will be added to the FAQ above.









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