Most of us regular folk will never know what it’s like to be willingly mauled by three other people. We also may not know what it’s like to have a Size 2 body or a generous lover with washboard abs, either, but that’s why we read fictional romance books.

I may not have that Size 2 body or David Gandy in my bed, but I do have over 4,000 Twitter followers! And that deserves a special kind of giveaway to thank you, my dear readers, for trusting me with your warming lady bits. Enter below to win one of the four books featuring foursomes I’ve rated and recommend.

It takes a special author to write a book with a sex scene involving more than two people much less one that has four. One that doesn’t get muddled with too many hands in too many places and no one gets lost in the mix. There aren’t many books that include a foursome, but through my intensely professional research, I’ve read and recommend these smut books with foursomes that will stir up some warmth in your bits.

Comfort Object
by Annabel Joseph

Comfort Object

by Annabel Joseph


Colters’ Woman (Colters’ Legacy)
by Maya Banks

Colters Woman

by Nicole Edwards


Recommended by Readers

Just Gotta Say
by Laura Kaye

London Lace, #1
by Catou Martine

Telling Tales
by Charlotte Stein

Beyond Shame
by Kit Rocha

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