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SBS Super Bowl LIV


I'm not even going to bring up the chaos going on in American and British politics. I'm just going to invite you – like I'll be doing – to escape your reality this weekend. Let's all eat nachos, watch football, ogle JLo, and rate the commercials before we have to go back to real life.

😑 ~Angie

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Resurrection by Siobhan Davis


Cruel Cravings by Jordan Grant

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One Ride

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Their Captive by JL Beck & Cassandra Hallman

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The Road Rebels: Books 1-4 by Savannah Rylan

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The Light to My Darkness by Ivy Smoak

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Only You by Vivian Ward & Derek Masters

Regular Price $3.99

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Then You Happened by K Bromberg

Release Date 2/3/20

AUSTRALIA: Charity Anthology by Various Authors

Release Date 2/4/20

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Recent Recommendations

Jace’s Pet by Nicole Trinity

Finding Him by Rachel Van Dyken

Entangled Chaos by C.M. Radcliff

Just One Year by Penelope Ward

Jeremiah by Jayce Ellis

Ashes to Ashes by Lucinda Dark

Enemies by Tijan

Draven by Tracie Delaney

Inside by Nicky James

Twisted Hearts by Cora Reilly

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