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SBS Bow Day


My girls never wore bows in their hair when they were babies because they refused to have anything on their heads. My niece, however, would keep a bow on her baby head for hours. Now that she's 8, she's obsessed with Jojo Siwa and has about 150 giant hair bows. I think I win this round, sister.
Happy International Bow Day!

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Pervade London
by Vanessa Fewings
Regular Price $3.99

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Indebted Series
by Pepper Winters
Regular Price $2.99-4.99 each


by Celia Aaron
Regular Price $.99


Bleake's Geek
by Lesli Richardson
Regular Price $2.99

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by TM Frazier
Regular Price $3.99


Hate to Love You
by Tijan
Regular Price $3.99


The Wrong Game
by Kandi Steiner
Regular Price $3.99

Pre-Orders You Need

Dangerous Paradise
by Barbara Nolan
Release Date 8/19/19

by K Bromberg
Release Date 9/24/19

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Archangel's War
by Nalini Singh
Release Date 9/24/19

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *MOLTEN*

Gray's kiss started with supreme confidence, making it feel like he was in charge, that she was along for the ride - a thrilling but controlled ride.

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The Decoy by S.E. Rose

Stronger by Erica Marselas

Prince of Killers by Layla Reyne

Man Feast by Krista Sandor

Where the Blame Lies by Mia Sheridan

At a Stranger’s Mercy by Brittany Cournoyer

Take Care of You by Gianni Holmes

Long Way Home by Nicky James

Trust by Casey Diam

Jaybird by M.A. Foster

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