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SBS Romance Awareness Month


As we close out August, let's remember it's Romance Awareness Month. has your S.O. gone out of his or her way to let you know you're loved and adored? Have YOU stepped up your romance game? You still have time to put in a little extra effort into your relationship!
NOTICE: This newsletter will be the last until next week as I'm taking some time off before the final push into #Shameless19. Have an awesome holiday weekend and get you some nookie! See you next week!

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Here Comes the Son
by Dahlia Donovan
Regular Price $2.99


by Grace Goodwin
Regular Price $2.99


by Haylee Thorne
Regular Price $.99


After Tomorrow
by Haylee Thorne
Regular Price $2.99


My Sister's Boyfriend
by Jason Collins
New Release


Rock Bottom Girl
by Lucy Score
Regular Price $4.99


Bad Idea
by Nicole French
Regular Price $.99


Jaded Hearts
by Harper Sloan
Regular Price $4.99

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Come Back For Me
by Corinne Michaels
Release Date 1/7/20

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Twice As Sexy
by Carly Phillips
Release Date 1/7/20

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *MOLTEN*

Your mind and your body will never forget the things I'm going to do to you tonight. Every...single...inch of your body is going to feel me.

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Recent Recommendations

Jace’s Pet by Nicole Trinity

Finding Him by Rachel Van Dyken

Entangled Chaos by C.M. Radcliff

Just One Year by Penelope Ward

Jeremiah by Jayce Ellis

Ashes to Ashes by Lucinda Dark

Enemies by Tijan

Draven by Tracie Delaney

Inside by Nicky James

Twisted Hearts by Cora Reilly

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