FREE Kindle Books + Romance Book Sales: January 10 2019

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A Little Note

I have 3 houseplants: 2 are fake (and are actually part of the decor for Shameless Book Con) and 1 is a brand new $10 orchid from the grocery store. I’ll give them a little extra love today for Houseplant Appreciation Day, because it’s an actual thing.

Best Sellers

All About the D
by Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam
Regular Price $3.99

Even Money
by Alessandra Torre
Regular Price $3.99

Today’s Book Sales

Cabana Boy
by Jenny Gardiner
New Release

His On Demand
by Fiona Murphy
Regular Price $3.99

Whiskey Burning
by Bella Jewel
Regular Price $3.99

Hushed Torment
by Bella Jewel
Regular Price $3.99

I Stole His Car
by Jessica Frances
Regular Price $.99

The Gift
by May Archer
New Release

Love at First Crime Five-Book Series
FREE: Books 1-4
99¢: Book 5
by Jessica Frances
Regular Price $.99 ea

Blood Bond
by Helen Hardt
Regular Price $2.99

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Pre-Orders You Need

Deal with the Devil
by Meghan March
Release Date 1/15/19
Pre-Order Now

Securing Caite
by Susan Stoker
Release Date 1/15/19
Pre-Order Now

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I want to watch her back arch. To know what she looks like when she’s coming. I kiss her like that. I kiss her so she knows I want to devour her.

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