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Today is a ridiculous of-the-day: Nothing Day. Just… nothing. Do nothing, celebrate nothing, recognize nothing; a pointless day. Yet, it’s been an actual commemorated day since 1973. I guess we can all not enjoy nothing? Or enjoy not being nothing? I don’t know.

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Captive Monster
by Demi Dumond
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Men of Inked Books 1-3
by Chelle Bliss
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The Hard Way
by Katie Ashley
Regular Price $3.99


Best Man
by Katy Evans
Regular Price $3.99

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Cross My Heart
by Carly Phillips
Regular Price $5.99


by Kendra Elliot
Regular Price $3.99


Buck Wild
by Lauren Landish
Regular Price $3.99

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Dream With Me
by Kristen Proby
Release Date 1/21/20

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Herd That
by Lani Lynn Vale
Release Date 1/21/20

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Astride him, she breathed hard, staring down into his eyes. “Take it,” he said hoarsely, grabbing her hands and interlocking their fingers. 

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