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Do we even need a day dedicated to cuddling? Can’t we just cuddle for the sake of cuddling? It’s a proven scientific fact that cuddling decreases anxiety and lowers your heart rate, so I’m thinking we need to do it every day.

But in case you need a reason, today is Cuddle Up Day, so get your cuddle on!


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Wild Card
by Renee Rose
New Release


Down & Dirty: Zak
by Jeanne St James
Regular Price $3.99



Between Now and Forever
by Dylan Allen
Regular Price $2.99


Before Him
by Portia Moore
Regular Price $2.99


Biker Beauties
by Audrey Carlan
New Release


A Lie for a Lie
by Helena Hunting
Regular Price $3.99 Audio Audible Book +199 Banner

$1.99 each

Fool Me Once Series
by Tara Sivec
Regular Price $4.99 each Audio Audible Book +199 Banner


One Pink Line
by Dina Silver
Regular Price $3.99 Audio Audible Book +199 Banner

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Twice As Sexy
by Carly Phillips
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He brushed his thumb across her trembling bottom lip. “I’ve been under your spell from the moment I laid eyes on you, Eleanor. I’m tired of fighting it. I’m tired of denying my feelings for you. I’m tired of pretending whatever it is between us is something that can be flicked on and off like a light switch. Say you want this. Say you want me just like I want you.”

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Landon & Shay – Part 2 by Brittainy Cherry

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The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

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