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SBS Handbag Day


Handbags always fit.
There's no feeling sorry for myself in the dressing room. There's no sucking in, squeezing, or covering up.
Which is why we ladies love our handbags and why we need to celebrate today, Handbag Day, with a shopping trip!

Recent Shameless Top Sellers

Today's Shameless Book Sales


Someday, Somehow
by Claudia Burgoa
New Release


Southern Comfort
by Andrea Smith
Regular Price $3.99


You Own Me
by Shiloh Walker
Regular Price $2.51


There Is No Light In The Darkness
by Claire Contreras
Regular Price $3.99


Triple Daddy Heat
by Pepper Swan
New Release


Desperate Deception
by Desiree Holt
New Release

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Service and Sacrifice
by MariaLisa deMora
Release Date 10/14/19

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Half Truths
by Claire Contreras
Release Date 10/21/19

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London Royal
by Claire Contreras
Release Date 10/22/19

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Guess This Quote!

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *FIRE*

He’s the kind of good-looking that transforms once self-respecting females into useless puddles of dumbass.

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Recent Recommendations

Regally Bitten by Lexi C. Foss

Vision of Darkness by Tonya Burrows

To Have by M.L. Pennock

Park Avenue Player by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

Happily Ever Crowned by Lexi C. Foss and Anna Edwards

Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E Ann

Climbing Off the Couch by Kristann Monaghan

On the Corner of Love and Hate by Nina Bocci

Sink or Swim by Tessa Bailey

Perky by Julia Kent

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