You going to Shameless Book Con this year? Or any other author signing ever in the future? This is for you!


Heck YES you can fangirl over an author!

Heck YES you can take pictures with all your favorite people!

Heck YES you can get books and swag signed by authors!

What you can’t do is hold up a line of other readers behind you with a stack of books and swag and body parts for an author to sign ALL THE THINGS.

If there are people in line behind you — say, more than a few — we ask that you limit yourself to having around 3 items signed at one time.

Even if, and especially if, you’re holding a Fast Pass for an author, please be swift with your fangirling.

If you’re catching an author with some free time during the signing, heck yes, get a stack and a half of books signed! Have your leg signed! Sit down and have a coffee!

If you’re getting your pre-ordered-from-the-author books signed, go ahead, but be mindful of those behind you.

We don’t want to be the Signing Police and have to come around giving citations for holding up the line. We really don’t.

We don’t want the people waiting in line behind you to start whispering about you behind your back. We really don’t.

Please, friends. Be considerate of your fellow smut-loving sisters. Their time and their achy feet thank you dearly.

Don’t have your ticket to Shameless Book Con 2016? Get it now!

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