The Redhead Plays Her HandOne of the very first—or maybe THE first?—smut books I was asked to read was The Unidentified Redhead by Alice Clayton. Way back in the day, I wasn’t yet a Professional Smut Peddler; simply a blogger with an urge to share the books I was reading with my friends. Alice’s publicist, Enn Bocci, saw through my ridiculous to my brilliance and offered to send me a book, saying she thought I’d like the humor erotica she was pimping.

“Humor erotica? I don’t know if I want to laugh while I’m all horned up,” is pretty much what I said to myself and to Enn. She guaranteed I’d like the book, and if I did, she’d send me the next one, The Redhead Revealed. Of course I accepted the copy of The Unidentified Redhead Enn sent me (who am I to turn down a free book, amirite?), started reading it, fell in love and lust, asked her for The Redhead Revealed, and then gushed my guts all over it.

Being the natural born pimp that I am, I told all of my blogging friends and family they HAD to read these two books, and thus began my foray into the smut pimping word, the impetus of Smut Book Club.

blah blah blah, many months and a year later, and Alice is now a very good friend, Enn (or, Nina—her real name—as she’s going by now) is my secret lover, and I’m a professional smut book peddler.

Angie and Alice

So to have the opportunity to (FINALLY) tell you, my faithful readers and Smut Muffins, about the new books coming from Alice Clayton as well as offer a to-die-for giveaway, it pretty much a full-circle Oprah moment for me.

[one_third]The Unidentified Redhead[/one_third][one_third]The Redhead Revealed New[/one_third][one_third_last]The Redhead Plays Her Hand[/one_third_last]

*cue Kumbaya and naked fire dancing*

Wallbanger is one of my all-time favorite books and I know it’s a favorite among you sweet Smuffins, too. Welp, Alice and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, announced this week that there will be THREE MORE BOOKS to be released in the Wallbanger series. Yes. THREE. Rusty Nailed will be out in June 2014, Screwdrivered in September 2014, and finally Mai Tai’d Up in December 2014. And then… a whole new series—Hudson Valley—will start in the beginning of 2015.


Basically, Alice will be hiding in her writer’s cave for the next forever months. *waves goodbye to Alice—it was nice knowing ya*

To help celebrate the announcement of Alice’s impending hibernation and subsequent book releases, I’m hosting a giveaway of ALL THREE REDHEAD BOOKS.

Yep. The Unidentified Redhead, The Redhead Revealed, and The Redhead Plays Her Hand could all be yours, in paperback, BEFORE THE RELEASE OF THE FINAL BOOK.

Yep, again. The winner* of this giveaway will get the entire series in your hot little hands BEFORE the December 17th release date of The Redhead Plays Her Hand.

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Smut Book Club The Redhead Plays Her Hand Giveaway

*Giveaway open to US-mailing addresses only. I weep for you, international Smuffins. Maybe have a US friend win for you and ship them?

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