We’re all about SL Jennings’s TAINT lately, and part of the reason is the beautiful face on the cover.

Taint Signed

Sweet, SWEET infant baby Jesus, that face.

Fanning My Vagina gif

Mike Thurston is the epitome of a hot, bad, and alpha male hero, and that’s exactly who Justice Drake is in TAINT.

We’ve posted a recommendation of TAINT, in addition to what Kyleigh Jane has to say here:

“You’re here, ladies, because you can’t fuck.”

A unique premise of transforming housewives into whores, SL Jennings turns up the heat with the story of Justice Drake teaching women how to satisfy their bored/philandering husbands.

Then one of his “students” — housewife, Ally — catches his eye…

Part romance, part sexual counsel, part “what is going on here?!”

Sex, scandal, and the social elite.

I liked to imagine cover model Michael Thurston saying all the really dirty parts to me, because, I mean… Michael Thurston.

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I even put him — I mean it — on the top of my recent BuzzFeed post, 17 Hottest Book Covers That Will Melt Your Panties.

17 Hottest Book Covers

Seeing that cover, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on SL Jennings’s TAINT?

Kermit Arms

Yeah, me, too.


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