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Top Ten Shameless Quotes from U.S. Navy SEAL Jack Barnes, hero of TO DARE A SEAL, Sin City SEALs #2

Two things I love? Top Ten Lists and Navy SEALs. Why not put the two together! Here are my Top Ten shameless and oh-so-sexy quotes from Jack Barnes, the Navy SEAL determined to win the woman he’s fantasized about for years.

10) “Natalie, if I was fixin’ to offer you a proper thank-you,” he said, his Texas accent clear and present in his voice. “I’d kneel down right here and slide your jeans over your hips, down your damn-near-perfect legs. I’d toss your pants across the room, followed by your panties. And then I’d lick you until the whole bar heard you come. Screaming. My. Name.”

9) “He brought her to the edge,” he said, the words pouring out in a rush as he struggled to keep his breathing steady. “Learning what drove her wild, what made her pull at the ties binding her wrists—”

8) “I’d memorize every touch, learning what made you wet and what drove you wild,” he said. “Because next time, it will be my fingers inside you. Darlin’, I’ll tie those hardworking hands of yours behind your back, and I swear you will beg— ”

7) “This isn’t about the bet. We won’t touch the bed. This is just me wanting you. Like crazy. For so damn long.”

6) “I dare you to let me prove it,” he murmured. “Prove you’re dying to get into my pants as much as I want into yours.”

5) “Take off your shirt, princess.”

4) “I wanted you.” He drew a chocolate line from her chest to the top of her panties. “I wanted a peek behind your defenses.”

3) “I played by your rules in the shower,” he said, his gaze locked with hers. “No sex. Take away that rule . . . and trust me darlin’, you’d never look at a shower the same way again.”

2) “What if I want to be more than the guy who ties you up?”

1) “I want you to feel safe to take what you need from me. To feel what you need to feel.”

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