You know how you get SO EXCITED when you see amazing deals on books you’ve read and loved so much that you wish your friends and family would buy it because you know for sure they’d love it?

Of course you do because you get our daily email updates with all of the must-have FREE & 99¢ books.

But you’re afraid the deal will go away, so you fret and you fret and you fret over your friend NOT buying the book because YOU NEED THEM TO HAVE THIS BOOK?

And then Christmas/birthday/Valentine’s Day/Spring Break comes around and you know that book you saw that was on sale a few months ago would be the BEST GIFT EVER, but the book isn’t on sale anymore.

So you weep and you weep and you wish there was a way to stock up those Kindle books you knew would be perfect.

And then I come in and save your day! Your life! Your wallet! I SAVE CHRISTMAS!

You can buy Kindle books NOW while they’re on SALE to give as gifts LATER.

“But HOW, Angie? What kind of sorcery do you perform to be the greatest human being ever?”

Well, friend, it’s not sorcery. It’s a simple 3-step process:

Step 1. Cut a hole in a box. Follow a link to Amazon provided by Shameless Book Club (like this one to The Gift by Tiffany Reisz), either from this website or from SBC’s Facebook, and click on “Give as a Gift.”

Give as a Gift Screenshot

Step 2. Put your junk in that box. Click on “Email the gift to me” then “Place your order.”

Place your order Click

Step 3: Make her open that box. In your email, star/file/flag the email so you have easy access to it when you’re ready to gift it.

Star and File

Now you’re ready to be the greatest human on the planet to whomever is the lucky recipient of the books you’re bestowing!

If you want to be super extra awesome, download (right-click, save image as) this handy gift graphic to send the Kindle books:

Kindle Book Gift Note

Go forth and gift that smut!

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