Guess what. You don’t need to pay for an eReader to read eBooks.

How pray tell?!, you ask?

You can get pretty much any eBook available to read on your phone, you silly goose! From Kindle eBooks to NOOK books to iBooks to PDF files, you can start reading all of these books immediately. No need to wait around for paperbacks to get to your doorstep or trekking out to the store; get the eBooks sent straight to your smartphone FOR FREE.

Not only are there free eBooks to be read but there are free ways to read them. And considering that the vast majority of eBooks are priced much lower than their paperback counterparts, you’re totally saving mega bucks.

…here’s where I welcome all of your praises for the wisdom I’m imparting…

I’m partial to reading Kindle books. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, Wi-Fi with special offers that I was given for Christmas. But I also use the Kindle app on my iPhone to read when I’m away from home and have forgotten *GASP* my Kindle. With the Kindle iPhone app, I can sync with the last page read on my Kindle, and pick up right where I left off.

If you don’t have a Kindle and only use your smartphone to read, it goes everywhere you go, so you always have your book with you. Plus, no one sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room or at the PTA meeting will know you’re reading hardcore smut in their presence. It’s your little secret.

Just the same as the Amazon Kindle apps, Barnes & Noble has their own NOOK Reading apps for smartphones, tablets, and computers. If you’re partial to Kobo Books, there’s a Kobo Books app for that, too.

Anyone with an iPhone, iTouch, or any iPad can read iBooks from iTunes. That’s a whole lot of iStuff. If you have one of those already, you probably knew that, but did you know you can also read eBooks on the Amazon Kindle app,¬†NOOK reading app, as well as the Kobo Books app downloaded straight from iTunes.

If you don’t have an iSomething, Android phones and Android tablets offer the same free reading apps.

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