One of my favorite authors, Tiffany Reisz, is prolific, which is kind of an understatement. The chick pours out the smut almost faster that we can drink it up with a spoon. From the 8-part (YES, eventually EIGHT) Original Sinners series of full-length BDSM erotica to the novellas to the freebies, Tiffany feeds us well.

The characters of the 8th Circle (if you read the books, you’ll know what it is) mix and mingle in Tiffany’s head, living their sordid lives so hugely that she can’t help but put all of their stories down on “paper” for us to read. But that leaves us readers wondering what to read when.

Ms. Reisz, or Mistress Tiffany if you please, updated her website recently with the order in which you should read the books, novellas, and shorts. My personal recommendation is read the (currently released) 3 novels first. The Siren, The Angel, and The Prince will set you up with a background on all the characters for which you can read all of the rest of the stories without spoiling the stories of the novels. Tiffany also advises that you start with The Siren then continue on.

For a complete list of what to read when and where to find them, visit Tiffany’s blog.

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