Hey there #Diddle nation! It’s that time again — time to talk about the art of the #Diddle.

Show You Mine Diddle Me This

I’ve posted my recommendations for the first time #Diddler. A vibrator is the sure way to go when you’re looking for a quick orgasm and a good night’s sleep.

This time around, I’d like to talk about my personal arsenal of bedtime buddies. I’ve been asked many times, “Hey Master Diddler, what’s in your bedside box?” Well sit down my pretties, and let’s talk about it.

Hi! My name is Theresa, and I like toys.

stands at podium with a mammoth-sized smile

I like my vagina, I really do, but that’s not the only part of my body I like stimulated. I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous nipple orgasm, right? Orgasm from just nipple play? It’s real girls. I’m living proof. It’s all part of foreplay, and if you’re turned on enough, it can really happen. My suggestion for the nipple orgasm: tongue, finger rolls and nipple clamps.

These butterfly nipple clamps have adjustable tension so don’t be scared. The chain that links them together is for extra stimulation. All it takes is a teeny tiny tug. Just 5 minutes ladies. Then slowly remove, and as the blood rushes back to your nipples, your clitoris comes (no pun intended) to life. You can blow a puff of air on your hot spot and come (or cum, whatever your preference) within seconds. Don’t have a partner at home? That’s OK, too. These can be used in your solo session.  MmmmHmmmm. Yes they can, Girl!

[one_half]Clover Clamps/Butterfly Clamps/Adjustable Clamps with Chain

[/one_half][one_half_last]Charming Metal Nipple Clamps Clover Style


When I have time, I do like extended play. I like the build up just as much as the orgasm. That’s when I reach for my dildo. I’m not a superfan of the suction cup dildo as I will never put that on a mirror and go to Hump Town. But hey, if that’s your bag, go for it! I like mine simple and not too big.

Latex free and purple! This will match your LELO Ina 2!

Reflective 8 inch Dong

Never forget lube when playing with Barney, your purple ding dong.

Confession… I like anal play, just not with Barney, the purple ding dong. A finger during oral is, well… it’s the shiz. (Again, no pun here.) But I have also come (heh) to love my beautiful jeweled anal plug. Small and perfect and frankly every lady’s back door should be adorned with a jewel. This little thing sets my body ON FIRE! JC! I have no words really…

This pretty is stainless steel and perfectly sized for the beginner.

New to anal play? The key is relaxation, lube and tons of foreplay. Again, this can be used during your solo trek to O-Town.

Of course you all know my love for my LELO. I wrote an entire article about it. My playtime would not be the same without him. I can not and will not live without him. EVAH!

So there you have it. A look into the #Diddle Master’s toy box. I’m really interested in your toy box. Don’t be stingy — share! Thank you for coming (heh) by.

*Coming in October

With the world waiting with breath that is bated for the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, I will be doing a BDSM inspired article on toys used during Domination and submission play.

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