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Pre-Made Book Covers

Start with an idea from the portfolio below and go from there! Customize the book cover to your specifications from color to font to main image.

  • 2 rounds of minor alterations allowed once the specs are provided

  • Time to completion is estimated at 1 week

  • Covers are created in 1:1.6 ratio and are available to download in 2 files: PDF and JPG

Pre-made book covers from the portfolio are available on a first come, first claimed basis. Once a cover has been claimed, no one else will be able to use it!

Impact Design pre-made covers go through two rounds of market research surveys with a focus group of voracious romance book readers. In addition to market research, the covers are intricately critiqued by design professionals for maximum visual impact. Their feedback is taken into consideration before making the final cut to be offered for presentation on Impact Design.

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The portfolio I created is a selection for authors to learn more about my vision of romance book covers and graphics that start the story in the minds of readers.

I use a combination of science and years of experience in the romance book world to create book covers worthy of best sellers. My goal is to create an eye-catching, powerful image that fully represents the emotion the author has written for the reader to experience.

Available Pre-Made Book Covers

Tap each cover for more details and see them in action

Market Research Completed

Each of the covers in this section has been thoroughly critiqued by a group of romance reading volunteers.

Market Research In Process

Each of the covers in this section has been through at least 1 round of critiquing.
They will be moved to the above section once all research has been completed.
Purchasing books from this section will still undergo market research (unless the purchaser opts out).

Purchased Covers

These covers now have loving homes! While they are no longer available for purchase, please use them for inspiration for your own new book cover.



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