Judge A Book By Its Cover


No matter how many times we’re told not to, we do, and so will your readers.

Your book’s cover is the first impression readers will see.

Create a book cover that makes an impact.

Your book is your baby

It deserves a cover worthy of the time and tears you poured into it, planning, creating, editing, and birthing a story you're presenting to the world.


Science is art. Art is science.

The portfolio I created is a selection for authors to learn more about my vision of romance book covers and graphics that start the story in the minds of readers.

I use a combination of science and years of experience in the romance book world to create book covers and graphics worthy of best sellers. My goal is to create an eye-catching, powerful image that fully represents the emotion the author has written for the reader to experience.

Teaser Promo Graphics FB

Impact Design: Teaser Promo Graphics

Fully Customized Book Covers FB

Impact Design: Fully Customized Book Covers

Pre-Made Book Covers FB1

Impact Design: Pre-Made Book Covers

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Judging a book by its cover happens

Make that first look a good one.

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Who Is Pepper Wallace

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