Indie authors have some seriously heavy brass balls.

For one, they think their words are good enough to publish.

For two, they think enough of their stories to ask the world to love them.

For three, they often spend more time promoting their books than they do writing.

Independent authors, whether they are self-published or have signed with a small-time publisher, are the bread and butter of the current literary world. The rise in popularity of indie authors is bringing the traditional publishing world to its knees, and we have digital books and places like Amazon to thank.

I’m not against traditional publishers. Some of my best author friends are signed with big-time companies who pay them big-time-ish money to write for them. But they have whole marketing/promotion/advertising teams built on selling their books. There is a machine that keeps their books in the forefront of our minds.

Indie authors have just themselves. They and whom they personally hire are the only ones who will make sure their books are in your to-read lists. People like me, the Book Bloggers of the World, do this whole book peddling thing for them. Admittedly, we do like to get something in return for the work we love, so we link our reviews to affiliate merchants and accept gratis copies of their books.

For us, the indie book bloggers and the indie book authors, the thrill of discovering a new book that makes us smile, laugh, cry, and go insane is what motivates us to keep reading.

If you’ve read a book by an independent author and your liked or loved the books, do them a wee favor and tell people about it. Leave a quick review on Amazon or wherever you bought the book. Update your Goodreads shelf with a rating. Put a link on your Facebook page to where your friends can buy the book.

Because I love me an indie author, CLICK HERE for all of the fabulous indies I’ve read and loved.

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