When you get the opportunity to ask both pointed and entertaining questions of a man who has lived the lifestyle of a Master, you jump on him it. Kyleigh Jane got that opportunity this week when she sent her own style of questions to Jason Luke, author of Interview with a Master. (It also happens to be the same time she interviewed Dr. Ivan Rusilko, co-author of the Winemaker’s Dinner, which you can read here.) Here’s how it all went down.

This week, I had the chance to have a little chat with Mr. Jason Luke, who has just published the much talked about “Interview with a Master.” All the hype surrounding this male-penned BDSM erotica had me wondering, is this the real life, or is this just fantasy…?

*Good evening, Mr. Luke… Or should I address you as sir? *batting eyelashes, girlish giggling*

*Ok, you know what I’m going to ask you right out of the gate, don’t you?
The first question everyone wants to know is…. are you a Master? Are you involved in the lifestyle at all?

No. I have not been involved in the lifestyle for several years. I have been in a wonderful relationship with my amazing girlfriend for the past 4 years. My experiences in the lifestyle go back to a time before I met my girlfriend.

*I have this image of you in my head, Jason Luke as a sort of Charlie, from Charlie’s Angels. This urbane, and mysterious, cigar smoking alpha male, drinking scotch from crystal tumblers, penning your book in some luxurious environment, your disembodied voice speaking to me through an adorably antiquated intercom system. “Good morning, Charlie!”

So, I’m preeeeetty sure I nailed it, but if that isn’t what you’re actually like, then could you maybe tell us a little bit about Jason Luke?

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I’m perfectly happy if you go with the Charlie from Charlie’s Angels analogy.

*So, just between you and me, (nudge nudge, wink wink) are any of these steamy scenes based on real life events?

Yes. The scenes described in ‘Interview with a Master’ are a combination of real events and real people mixed with fictional characters and fictional events.

*Following the Fifty Shades of Grey juggernaut, BDSM and erotica books have made masochism almost mainstream. This new sexual revolution. But so far, it’s mostly been a romanticized chick-lit take on dominance and submission. Like, If Bondage brought you flowers and took you out to eat at Olive Garden before it flogged you. Anyway, this male voice is a fresh perspective- a glimpse into the minds of men. Honestly, at times this almost felt like a self help book. Did you consider this to be somewhat of a “self help” for women who were Fifty Shades of sexually frustrated?

No. My intention was merely to write a book that readers would find entertaining and emotionally engaging. If, in the course of Jonah’s interview he explains and clarifies things that readers can relate to – then that is a wonderful bonus, but it was not the motivation for the story.

*In the book, Jonah says, “Falling in love with your submissive is about the biggest mistake a Master can make.” Now, I know there are some people within the lifestyle who were picking up torches and pitchforks over that quote. Can you explain that?

I think Jonah explained it fairly well in the book. Jonah believes that if you fall in love with your submissive, a Master is then likely to moderate rules and punishments. That’s just what Jonah believes. I am sure everyone has a different idea.

*Do you read your reviews? You seem to have some very enthusiastic, and loyal fans, who have not taken kindly to any less than stellar feedback. Do you find negative reviews to be helpful?

Every reviewer is entitled to their opinion. I may not like their opinion but I do respect their right to voice it. I am very keen to take on board constructive criticism in fact there are three critical points within ‘Interview with a Master’ that I altered directly because of the feedback of bloggers who received the initial early scenes of the story.

*What was your favorite part of the book to write, and what is your favorite part of the book to read?

My favourite scene to write in the book was the scene in the training room where Jonah handcuffs Leticia and places the key between her teeth. That entire scene came out of thin air in an instant and it was good fun to write.

*This is the first in a trilogy, yes? When can we expect more of the delicious and deviant Jonah Noble?

No. There is absolutely no trilogy planned at all. At the time of answering this question I do not even know if there will be a second book. ‘Interview with a Master’ was written as a stand alone book – that was always my intention.

[Editor’s Note: The day after we received his answers, Jason Luke announced via the Henry Cavill fan blog that he does indeed have plans for future books in the series.]

*Mr. Luke, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. Looking forward to hearing more from Master Jonah, and you!

While I had more questions, (some serious, some personal, some funny—like the ones asked of Dr. Rusilko), Mr. Luke chose to maintain his air of mystery. While we may not be able to delve into the personal mind of Jason Luke, we can certainly delve into the mind of Jonah Noble in Interview with a Master, which is out now. Perhaps fiction is best after all.

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