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When I first read The Siren, I had no words. I still don’t, really. I was just like, complete goo. Not an adorable little squishy snuggly goo, but like a crusted-over-used-to-be-goo that you have to chisel-scrape off the floor with a knife…or something.

Now, I am floored once again after reading The Saint. It is, without question, Tiffany’s magnum opus. The crown jewel of The Original Sinners.

This series was — and continues to be — an experience. The Original Sinners is a boundary-pusher and is not for everybody (though if it isn’t for you, well, we aren’t going to get too far in our friendship). For those whom it is for, you will find that this series is everything that is good and right and hard and wrong and glorious. It’s everything you look for in a story but so rarely find. Sexy, sophisticated, smart, mysterious, engaging, unique, raw.

OS is everything. Every. Thing. All of the things. EV-ER-Y-THING.

So it is my greatest pleasure to be able to speak with Original Sinners author, the one and only, Tiffany Reisz.

Tiffany, thank you so very much for talking with me today!

Tis my pleasure!

Interviewing you gives me the dumbs. I just want to be like, “How do you doos the awesomes so awesomely?” haha…But seriously, how do you doos the awesomes so awesomely?

Magic! And I do twelve sets of revisions on every books.

OS cast final

The Original Sinners has my all time favorite cast of characters in romance/erotica everrrr — main cast and supporting cast. But let’s talk about our leads first.

There is no one, NO ONE sexier than Søren. Sadly, Søren and I would never work out in real life because caning and blood-play just isn’t my game, but he is tied for my favorite fantasy man of all time. nod to Gabriel Emerson Sexually uninhibited, intellectual men of faith just flip all my switches, I guess. Then we have Nora. That mouth, that wit, that fortitude. She is perfection. Kingsley Edge… mercy, that man. He is suave, sexy, extravagant, dangerous, and so decidedly French.

What or who inspired these incredible characters?

They were all creations of pure imagination. I gave Nora my sense of humor. I gave Søren the attributes of God (I started writing while in seminary). I gave Kingsley Captain Jack Sparrow’s boots and swagger and Johnny Depp’s sexy olive skin and dark eyes. Other than that, they are nothing but figments of my imagination.


The supporting cast actually play pretty major rolls in the books. Wesley — the virgin. Zachary — the editor. Griffin — the bad-boy sex god. It can’t be an easy task to develop such a large cast of fully-formed, dynamic characters.

How do you do it? Where does it all come from?

Hard work. Fun. Reading widely. The usual. Wes was vaguely based on a guy friend of mine. Zach was inspired by actor Jason Isaacs. Griffin was very loosely inspired by a bisexual L.A. dominant I used to talk to online who was very laid-back, funny and flirty.

Faith and religion are obviously a major part of this series. An aspect that I really appreciate, actually. You write like a kinky theologian.

Is faith a large part of your life?


Faith is my life. I don’t know if I could get out of bed in the morning if I didn’t believe there was more to life than just this life. I was in seminary when I started writing the series. I still go to Mass every Sunday. Kink and Catholicism are very compatible bedfellows, and having a priest as a main character allows me a voice for my own faith inside the books. When Søren talks about God, it’s me talking through him.

Nora is a riot, and she is one smart cookie. I love her sass and irreverence. She is so exquisitely written, so complex, and personal and I have to wonder…

Is Nora you? Are you writing yourself as Nora?

OS Riding Crop

Nora and I have the same sense of humor and the same taste in men. Other than that we couldn’t be more different. I live a very happy boring life that involves monogamy, two kittehs, and lots of couch naps. I’m not a Dominatrix, and I have no desire to be one. I love kink and the kink scene, but it’s not my air and water the way it’s Nora’s. I love Nora with all my heart and see nothing but good in her, but I wouldn’t want to be her. Well, maybe for one night. 😉

What is the writing process for all of these scandalous scenes? Are you writing from personal experience? Is it life imitating art imitating life? Wait… that’s too many imitations. Is it scouring Tumblr and FetLife and secret seedy smoke-filled internet chat rooms full of suited men swirling Glenlivet in crystal tumblers? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!

Some of the scenes are inspired by real events in my past. Some are pure imagination. I just meditate on my characters and ask myself what sort of kink is the most appropriate for this moment in the book.

Your books, and certain messages in them, really stick with me. What is one thing that you would like your readers to remember or think about after they read your books?

Judge not!

Each book that comes out keeps being better than the last. I honestly don’t know how you do it. How you improve upon perfection, but you do. Every time I say, “Oh this one was my favorite!” and then the next one comes out. I never want it to end. I don’t ever want to say goodbye to the Original Sinners.

So what is on the horizon? What do we have to look forward to from you?

There are four Original Sinners books coming out this year and next year. I have another rom-com coming out this fall called “Seize the Night,” and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. I want to write a modern fantasy series, too. Lots of awesome stuff coming!

Who IS Tiffany Reisz?! Tell me everything. Start at the beginning and spare no detail. chin hands

Tiffany Reisz is a writer. The end.

Anyone that follows you on Twitter knows about your cat, HoneyToast, the saddest sad kitteh ever. Where did the name Honeytoast come from, and why does Honeytoast have the sads?


My sister named Honeytoast. She was originally her cat, not mine. Then my sister had preemie twin babies and they couldn’t have pets in the house because of the babies’ underdeveloped lungs. I adopted Honeytoast. The name comes from Even Stevens, that Disney TV series. One of the characters needed a pseudonym for spying and he picked Lars Honeytoast because he’d had honey toast for breakfast.

Honeytoast is sad. No one believes me until they meet her and go, “Oh my God! She IS sad all the time.” She was born sad, she has a sad face, she makes sad sounds, she loves sad pets. She’s just a sad kitteh and that’s okay. We love her sads.

You recently moved to Portland (put a bird on it). How are you liking it so far?

We freaking love it here. It’s so beautiful and green. It’s like living in a Hipster Narnia.


Here is the portion of the interview where I ask you little rapid-fire questions about trivial things, that sometimes turn out to be quite illuminating. Sound good?


Something you wish you could do, but fail miserably at?

What’s your vice?
Chocolate chip cookies

Favorite snack or food that you couldn’t live without?
See previous answer

What do you do that makes you feel empowered?
Write erotica under my own name

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
A bird so I could fly

Angie wants to know if you’ll make out with her.
Ask Andrew

Favorite song(s) on your iPod?
Too many to list but I love George Michael’s “Father Figure” and Jann Arden’s “Could I Be Your Girl?” as part of the soundtrack for THE SAINT

Pet peeve?
People who call me Nora instead of Tiffany

Dream vacation destination?
A train trip across Europe

Hidden talent?
I can knit and crochet

Dirty little secret?
I really want to delete my Twitter account forever but no one will let me

Favorite books? (other than your own)
The Vintner’s Luck by Elizabeth Knox
The Keep by Jennifer Egan
Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice
All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren

Celebrity crush, male and female?
Male celebrity crush – Benedict Cumberbatch
Female celebrity crush – Emily Blunt

A picture of yourself right meow?

Tiffany Selfie

Parting words?
Go to church, you heathens!

Tiffany, I can not thank you enough for talking with me today. It has been an absolute treat. Thank you thank you. Looking forward to reading more of The Original Sinners!

Good! I have rent to pay!

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