Our Master List of Books to Read

Want to know what book we recommend in a specific genre? Need to find a good book you may not have already considered? Tired of searching through pages of books just to find a gem?

We’ve got you covered!

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Use the SBC Book Recommendations Master List,
a database of all of our recommendations to sort and search for books to read!


Fave = Favorite; SBC Certified Favorite and/or Platinum Book


Md = Modern Romance; theme revolves around a romantic fairy tale; includes a happily ever after
Er = Erotica; overtly sexual; may not have a happily ever after
NA = New Adult Romance; main characters are ages 17—mid 20s
PNR = Paranormal Romance; includes elements not proven by science (vampires, witches, magic, etc.)
Gy = Gay Romance; characters are homosexual or are exploring homosexuality
BDSM = Bondage, dominance, submission, masochism; also includes kink
Sp = Suspense; elements of mystery and building anxiety
Dk = Aspects of the story may be taboo and/or cause unsettled feelings

Heat Ratings

N = Nuclear = hottest of the hot; extremely detailed; in-your-face lovin’
M = Molten = heavily detailed intimate scenes
Fi = Fire = some detailed love scenes
Fe = Feverish
= rated R; not for kids


Fairy = SBC Contributor who initially recommended this book

 Series? Stand Alone? or Both? Sers =
Aln =
Can be read completely on its own
Can be read on its own & is a part of a series
Must be read with the series

HOW TO: Click twice on the arrows in each column you want to sort, sorting as many columns as you want to find a book.
Example: Click twice on Fave, then Erotica, then Alone to find our favorite+erotica+stand alone books. 

Master List

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