These books are the ultimate in rocker *slash* erotica *slash* bad boy *slash* ménage reads. I can’t stress this enough. The Sinners on Tour books are must-read or DIE books.

And if you don’t already have them, THIS is your time to stack your Kindle (which are on sale right now, by the way) with all five because they don’t go on sale often.

Pretty much almost never.

I don’t know how long these will be on sale, and I don’t want to be on the other end of the sale when you come crying to me saying, “ANGIE! I DIDN’T LISTEN TO YOUR WORDS! I SHAME MYSELF FOR NOT BUYING THE WHOLE SERIES WHEN YOU TOLD ME TO!” or something like that.

When you do buy and read these, come back and tell me why I like #Chapter32 in Backstage Pass and why Eric Sticks won my heart in Wicked Beat.

The Sinners on Tour Boxed Set (not including Wicked Beat)
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Backstage Pass
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Rock Hard
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Hot Ticket
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Wicked Beat
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Double Time
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Sinners on Tour Series Reading Order

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