You may already be out sunning yourself, soaking up the Vitamin D, e-reader in hand, but aren’t holiday weekends meant for stocking up on all the sales?

Of course it is.

Lucky for us, all of these book sales are available* for our stocking up as you sit by the pool. I LOVE YOU, WI-FI!

I’ve organized the books below in pairs because what’s better than one book on sale? TWO books on sale! Also, they totally go together and you should read them back-to-back.

Also, I feel like giving away ALL of this smut. Yes, every single one of these books. (Even if you have some or all of these, you can select other books.) Enter below!


The Forever of Ella and Micha
May 28 Release
Beauty From Surrender
Beauty from Surrender
May 30 Release

Pieces of You
On My To-Read

On My To-Read


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be gifted each of the books above through Amazon as a Kindle book. Winner may choose another book of equal value or select to receive the gift as a gift card through the link received from Amazon.

*Prices are accurate on Amazon.com as of the publishing of this post. Check with the book listing for current prices. 

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