When I started this whole journey into the depths of obsessive reading, I trusted in the likes of Amazon and random Twitter requests of my friends for what to read. While this worked for me for a while, I got to a point when it just wasn’t enough for me to find books to read that were worth my time.

No system is perfect; there will still be books you think are duds that others will think are the tits. But for the most part, when you find a method for book recommendations that has a high percentage of returning good-for-you results, you stick with it.

This is where I found my purpose in life. It wasn’t the birthing of my children or bringing peace to the Middle East. My purpose in life has been determined to be a book recommender.

There could be worse things to have become. I could have found my purpose to be a freakishly good blood spatter analyzer or a no-nonsense whale carcass recovery expert. Thank goodness for my ability to read and write because there’s no way I could stomach blood and guts even if it was my life’s calling.

What I’m saying is, that this here Smut Book Club is my calling. Or, my current calling. Things change. Ten years ago, my calling was to be an elementary school teacher, and we see how that turned out.

I’m proud of what happens here, and I’m honored you take my word on what-to-read-next.

Try me. Ask me. Take me for a test drive. *yeah buddy* Look around this site that’s always growing, always adding more book recommendations for you to try.

The point of this website isn’t to review and critique books; the point of this website is to recommend books based on what you’ve already read and liked or disliked.

(At the time of this post publishing, there are only a fraction of the books I recommend up for perusal. I’m adding more daily. Check back often to see what’s new.)

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