Each one of these naughty books is 99¢ and highly rated (over 4.4 stars on Amazon from what I could ascertain), which is the perfect way to stock up your Kindle for a long, lazy weekend.

Oh, hey! Isn’t there a long, lazy weekend happening right now?

It’s fate, really.

And if you buy and send yourself an Amazon Gift Card by e-mail, that’s one charge you’ll see on your card rather than 20 separate 99¢ charges. It’s good for the budget (and meddling partners).

Books are my friends gif

UPDATED Sun. May 25, 1:45am EST

UPDATED Sun. May 25, 11:45am EST: Brand new price drops!

Check out these #LikeCandy books, perfect for reading by the pool or on the beach.

UPDATED Sat. May 24, 1pm EST

The following were published to this list Fri. May 23

Naughty 99c Novels

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