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Ridge (Wild #2) by Adriane Leigh


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That mixture of lust and vulnerability that shaded her eyes as I pushed into her. My hand around her throat, walking the razor-fine edge of pleasure and pain, danger and lust. It got me off.

“I believe in you,” she murmured and placed a chaste kiss at the corner of my mouth. I shut my eyes, took a deep breath, and inhaled her sweet scent. I wished desperately that she would stay, but she was right, I wouldn’t replace one addiction with another. Because that was what she was to me. Another addition.

Heat Rating: Molten
Kink Level: Mild = Some power play
Genre: Modern Romance
Series: Part of a Series, Can Be Read Standalone—Wild Series

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Wild Series Reading Order

  1. Wild: Amazon
  2. Ridge
  3. Slade = TBA

Marissa Says:
We meet Ridge in book one, Wild, as the younger brother of Lane. They’ve been estranged for years, and the guilt has been weighing on Ridge so much that he pushes the one woman who needs him as much as he needs her away. He is a tortured soul, constantly fighting not to succumb to his past addictions of drugs and alcohol. We are taken on a journey through his past, from when he first meets Mia and how they fall for each other, to his mistakes with her and his current girlfriend. Once he realizes his brother forgives him and is happy again, Ridge realizes he can start to fight for Mia. When they are together, the sex is not sweet and loving, it is animalistic and rough, but it is what both of them need from each other. It is hot and dirty, and I loved every minute of it. I feel like Adriane Leigh really stepped up her game for this book, and you won’t be disappointed to meet this bad boy with addiction issues, who loves his other half that balances him out. (I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.) [/box_light]

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About the Author

Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and now lives amongst the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore.
She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer.

Adriane is married to a tall, dark and handsome guy, plays mama to two sweet baby girls, and is a voracious reader and knitter.

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SLADE (Wild #3)

Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain…

Always overlooked. Always just there. That’s what Dillon was to me.

Until one night.

In one night she flipped my world on its axis and there’s no going back. But she has secrets, and secrets fester like an open wound. They color the past and forecast the future, but I’m determined to open her up; free her from her memories so she can live in the light and have the life she deserves.

It’s just too bad that she wants nothing to do with me. But I’m nothing if not persistent and I’m not a man that gives up without a fight. I’ve had a taste and there’s no walking away.
I just have to convince her that I’m not what she fears, I’m what she wants.

Slade, like Wild and Ridge, is a standalone. 
Reading Wild and Ridge first will provide some back story, but is not required to read Slade.

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About Marissa

MarissaMy first foray into the Romance genre came my freshman year in high school English, where the teacher had us all read books from several different genres. So, my first book boyfriend and PnR introduction, if you will, was Richard Merlin, from The Wizard of Seattle. Prior to that, I’d only read Fantasy or Sci-fi, with a little teen horror thrown in for angst. I was reading The Vampire Diaries decades before it was even a twinkle in the eyes of the producers. Now, I am addicted to PnR, always reading at least one book a week about vamps, wolves, angels, demons, Fae, or overall magic. Follow me on Goodreads

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