I love you guys up there in the frozen tundra. I love you so much so that I make sure to include links to where you Canadians can buy all of the books I recommend.

I told you – I love you.

Sure, we Americans get everything without batting an extended eyelash, but you guys have Tim Horton’s on every street corner, and I’m way jealous of your Timbits.

Plus, you gave us Shawn Ashmore, and I’d like to give back in thanks.

Timbits and Shawn Ashmore aside, you Canadians deserve to read the same smut us Yanks get to read. Thanks to the magic of the internet and online shopping, places like Amazon and Kobo have pretty much every smut book available in Canada, too.

And I’m showing my love for all things Canadian by including links to where you can buy the books I recommend in Canada.

You’re welcome, Canada!

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