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By Angie / May 24, 2015

Browse our recommendations by heat levelhover boxes below for more detail 🔥 Feverish Light romance and fade-to-black. ex. young adult. 🔥🔥 Fire A little bit of heat; not overly descriptive. 🔥🔥🔥 Molten Super hot for adults only; most modern romance. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Nuclear The hottest of the hot! ex. BDSM, kink, dub-con All All Feverish Fire […]

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Browse by Star Rating

By Angie / May 24, 2015

All All 4 Stars 4-1/2 Stars 5 Stars Flirting with 40 by K. Bromberg Where the Truth Lives by Mia Sheridan The Collector by Vi Carter Trillion by Winter Renshaw Bad Girl by Lisa Lace C-26 by D.D. Lorenzo A Guy Walks Into My Bar by Lauren Blakely In Strange Woods by Claire Cray Heart […]

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What The Hell Are We Doing Here? Answers To Your Questions About SBC.

By Angie / February 27, 2015

We’re being badass Smut Fairies, bringing the best of the best romance books to the voracious and casual reader.

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December’s Top 40 Best-Selling 99¢ & FREE Books* Through SBC

By Angie / January 1, 2015

December’s Top 40 Best-Selling 99¢ & FREE Books* Through SBC *that are still 99¢ or free This list was sent out in today’s newsletter. If you missed it, or if you want daily book deals and news (because why wouldn’t you want that?), sign up here! It Ain’t Me, Babe by Tillie Cole Kindle Edition 99¢ […]

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September Best Sellers

By Angie / October 1, 2014

Just like the New York Times and USA Today, making it to the Smut Book Club Best Sellers list is an honor bestowed on very few books.

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The Best Books: Summer Superlatives

By Angie / August 31, 2014

The books we’re listing aren’t necessarily ones that were released this summer, but they’re ones we read and loved from May through August 2014.

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Vision Board: Driven Trilogy

By Angie / July 21, 2014

Visualize the Driven Trilogy by K Bromberg!

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Smut Book Awards (1st Half of) 2014 WINNERS!

By Angie / July 18, 2014

After nearly 10,000 responses, your Smut Book Awards (1st Half of) 2014 have been chosen!

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Get To Know The Smut Book Award Nominees: Manly Edition

By Angie / July 8, 2014

Highlighting the dude-centered categories in the Smut Book Awards, because in real life, men come *heh* first.

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GIVEAWAY: Top 10 Best Selling Books — May 2014

By Angie / June 2, 2014

And there are all these words in the Top 10 best selling books in May, words that are insanely hot and entirely entertaining. Congrats to the authors of these Top 10 best selling books through Smut Book Club!

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Recommendation Archive

By Angie / May 15, 2014

All All 4 Stars 4-1/2 Stars 5 Stars Turning Back by JA Huss Taking Turns by JA Huss Just Like I Want You by B. Love Deadly Temptations by Aurora Black All the Secrets by Charlotte Byrd The Zodiac Queen: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo by Gemma James The Sweetest Fix by Tessa Bailey Still […]

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99¢ Stock Up Your Kindle Sales + Mother’s Day Gift Guide + Giveaway

By Angie / May 5, 2014

Just in time for Mother’s Day, treat your friends, your own mom (yeah, I said it — our moms read smut, too), and yourself to a few good things.

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CRASH Dash Day 5!

By Angie / March 20, 2014

Readers must complete 20 of the 22 tasks to be entered into the final grand prize drawing. The grand prize is a complete signed set of the Driven Trilogy and there will be a few runner ups as well.

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Shameless Romance Book Sales and Freebies

By Angie / February 18, 2021

GET ROMANCE BOOK SALES & FREEBIES DELIVERED *almost* DAILY JUMP TO… May 17 2022 Read Freebies At Home Day! 🏠 As a girl who has worked from home for 16 years, I wholeheartedly celebrate and support National Work From Home Day! If I ever had to go to work in an office, it would be […]

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By Angie / March 16, 2020

Shameless Book Sales Sign up now to get a (pretty much) daily dose of freebies, 99¢, $1.99 romance books delivered to your inbox. It’s the smartest thing you’ll do today. check Amazon for current prices of pictured books SIGN UP NOW See our list of books on still on sale ↗️ today’s book sales […]

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FREE Kindle Books + Romance Book Sales 2/3/20

By Angie / February 3, 2020

Today Is The Day! Shameless Book Sales are here!

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FREE Kindle Books + Romance Book Sales: 1/31/20

By Angie / January 31, 2020

Your Weekend Escape From Reality Shameless Book Sales are here!

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FREE Kindle Books + Romance Book Sales: January 30 2020

By Angie / January 30, 2020

Today: A ☕️ Steamy Cup Of Freebies. Shameless Book Sales are here!

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FREE Kindle Books + Romance Book Sales: January 29 2020

By Angie / January 29, 2020

Nothing Puzzling About Freebies! Shameless Book Sales are here!

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FREE Kindle Books + Romance Book Sales: January 28 2020

By Angie / January 28, 2020

Escape Your Responsibilities With These Freebies! Shameless Book Sales are here!

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