Certified Favorite books don’t come along every day.

They hardly come along every month.

Alpha came along and swept me up in a haze of domination and hardcore sexing, making it one of only a few books to make it to the exclusive Certified Favorite list.

And it’s not just because Jasinda dedicated the book to me and 3 other bloggers (Vilma’s Book Blog; Ana’s Attic; Bookslapped).

She didn’t show us this dedication until after we’d read it.


Fucking awesome.

Alpha Dedication

Here’s a taste of what I thought about the book (read my full recommendation here):

It delves into the mind of a dominating control freak, explaining the necessity of his actions and need for submission. On a personal note (and when are my recommendations not personal?), if I didn’t already know someone who was a dominating person and know her tendencies, I would think Alpha was over-the-top and that people weren’t really like him (and her) in real life. But knowing her and now having read Alpha, I know this personality type is absolutely true to life. [NOTE: I even showed her some of the passages from the book as I read, and it honestly had her freaked out that Jasinda was able to put her thoughts on paper.] The situation the characters are in are over-the top (summoning for her; billionaire; etc.), but his personality and controlling nature is spot-on. Then again, it wouldn’t be a fantasy novel if the situation wasn’t over-the-top.

Alpha is a Certified Favorite and absolutely worth every cent you pay because the return is hours of reading (and battery-operated) gratification.

[su_quote]“I’m going to feed you, bathe you, fuck you until you can’t move, and then I’m going to hold you while we sleep. And then when we wake up, I’m going to fuck you again.”[/su_quote]

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Kyleigh Jane Says:


What would you do? You’ve just lost your job. Bills are piling up. Your mother’s hospital bills. Your brother’s tuition. Rent. Food.Bills.

So many bills. More than you would ever be able to pay off. The situation is dire. Until a mysterious check arrives in the mail. No name, no return address. $10,000 made out to you. What would you do?

Well, Kyrie cashed the check. She also cashed each of the following $10,000 checks that arrived every month for the next year. Until there was a knock on her door… “It’s time to pay your debt.”

A story full of mystery, intrigue, passion, and (of course) molten hot sex. Explore the mind of a mysterious dominant with an iron grip on his life, and his secrets. HOT HOT HOT.

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Alpha Quote 400

Maria Says:


Jasinda Wilder’s latest book, Alpha, is absolutely her best one yet. It is crazy good, and the sex scenes are some of the hottest I’ve ever read. I needed alone time twice while reading it. A must read, without question.

[su_quote]“It wasn’t just a kiss. It was power. Control. Acknowledgement of his demand. Conceding to his game.”[/su_quote]

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Friends, lovers, fellow Smut Muffins — This book is worth your pennies.


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