Shameless Book Con Books&Books&Books&Swag Black Tote Bag It’s inevitable that you’ll end up needing a way to tote around all of the books and books and books and swag and books you’ll be collecting at an author signing like Shameless Book Con 2016.

It’s also inevitable that your toe will get run over by someone else’s rolling cart (or luggage, stroller, rolling box – yes, I’ve seen them all).

We want to make sure we minimize the hassle for all attendees to navigate around the room. We want you to be able to bring and/or buy a buttload of books.

We found the solution!

We recommend the Smart Cart by dBest Products for Shameless Book Con 2016!

[alert variation=”alert-success”]We are STRONGLY suggesting that hard-sided carts not be used, but we won’t send you away for bringing one in. We won’t allow wagons or large suitcases.[/alert]

At only 2 inches deep when folded, it’s the perfect travel companion.

At only 13 inches wide by 11 inches long, it takes up about as much surface space as a coffee table book.

At only $22-35, it’s a bargain!

Pick your colors and patterns – BE SHAMELESS!

The Smart Cart is available in a variety of colors and patterns on Amazon and eBags.

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