I love LOVE The Education of Sebastian and The Education of Caroline, and I’m not even paid to say that.

When I finished Sebastian and read the synopsis of Caroline, I’m pretty sure I’m lucky to still be alive from my imaginary coronary. Devastated? Wrecked? Emotionally drained? All of those are how I felt about my two favorite amoral love birds.

And then Caroline happened, and my world was set right again after trudging through pages of emotional turmoil.

If you haven’t read these two books, you should. Yes, really. You must.

I got lucky *ahem* last week and was asked by Jane Harvey-Berrick to share the story she wrote of Sebastian’s point-of-view of his first time.

Yes, THAT first time.

I totally got teary when I read Sebastian’s First Time (meant to be read after Sebastian or after Caroline), but knew something even more tear-jerking was coming.

The Education of Sebastian The Education of Caroline

That something is Sebastian’s 21st Birthday.

If you’ve read both The Education of Sebastian and The Education of Caroline, you will most definitely know why Sebastian’s 21st Birthday made me cry my eyeballs right out of my damn eye sockets when I read it this morning.

Enough of my yammering, here is Sebastian’s 21st Birthday (meant to be read after The Education of Caroline):

Sebastian’s 21st Birthday (PDF to download or send to eReader)

Sebastian’s 21st Birthday (ePub to send to eReader)

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