Arreeee youuuuu reaaaddyyyyy toooo rummbbllleeee???

Or at least ready to meet your tribe and a whole bunch of romance authors?

Great! We’re getting every “i” dotted, “t” crossed, and shining our Smut Fairy crowns to welcome you to Shameless Book Con 2017!

There are some questions you may have about the weekend event. We question ourselves daily. Hopefully, all of your questions are answered in this handy FAQ.

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What does my ticket get me?

See times in the schedule below.

*VIP tickets are sold out but you may find some for sale in the Attendee Facebook group.

VIP Cocktail Party/Authors-On-The-Rise Showcase
Dear Mistress Q&A (limited seating; prior sign-up required)
Author Signing with 1 Hour Early Entry
Shameless Sparkler (open to all Shameless ticket holders; first come, first served swag available)
The Smut Gala After Party


Authors-On-The-Rise Showcase (open to all at 6:30pm)
Dear Mistress Q&A (limited seating; prior sign-up required)
Author Signing
Shameless Sparkler (open to all Shameless ticket holders; first come, first served swag available)
The Smut Gala After Party


Authors-On-The-Rise Showcase (open to all at 6:30pm)
Dear Mistress Q&A (limited seating; prior sign-up required)
Author Signing
Shameless Sparkler (open to all Shameless ticket holders; first come, first served swag available)


The Smut Gala After Party


UnHoly Day

Can I buy a ticket at the event?

You sure can! We suggest you pay in cash but we can take a credit card if you insist.

It’s best to have your ticket pre-purchased. You can do that here.

A paper ticket is NOT required for entry as long as your ticket is scannable on your phone.


How can I pre-order books to have signed?

Our on-site bookseller, B & L Books, is a local bookstore ready, willing, and able to accept pre-orders for books you want to make sure you have in your hot little hands for Shameless Book Con. The pre-order requests will end on October 1, but know that the books available for pre-order will also be available at the B & L Books bookstore onsite.

Some signing authors are holding their own pre-order sales you can check out here. (Please be aware that some authors have already closed their pre-order requests.)

Can I buy books at the event?

Now, what kind of book signing would we be if we didn’t offer a way for you to buy books? We’d be a pretty shitty one. B & L Books will open a pop-up bookstore on Friday from 3pm – 8pm next to registration. The bookstore will also be open from 8am – 5pm on Saturday, accessible to you guys outside waiting in line! They will also be in UnHoly Day on Sunday selling books by the authors on the panels.

Many indie authors have their books available to purchase at their tables, also. While most accept credit cards, we recommend bringing cash to save time.

How do I get my haul of books home?

UPS will be at the hotel and available for attendees and authors to ship your books! We can’t quote you on prices for shipping, but we do know they are the same rates available at the UPS Store plus a small convenience fee.


What’s the schedule of events?

You can find the most updated schedule on this page, and it will be included in your booklet upon registration. But if you’re super lazy and don’t feel like clicking, here’s the schedule as of the time of this post publishing:

Friday, October 20, 2017

3pm-7pm – Registration/B & L Books Bookstore Open (Gold Coast Meeting Rooms)
5pm-8pm – Authors-On-The-Rise Showcase

*5pm-6:30pm – VIP Cocktail Party/Showcase
*6:30pm-8pm – Authors-On-The-Rise Showcase (open to ALL attendees; no additional pass required)

8:30-9:30pm – Meet Dear Mistress (pass required)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

8am-5pm – B & L Books Bookstore Open (Universal Center: accessible from outside 8am-12pm)
8am-2pm – Registration Open (Universal Registration Desk)
11am-12pm – VIP Entry to Author Signing
12pm-5pm – General Entry to Author Signing
5:30pm-6:30pm – Shameless Sparkler with 1001 Dark Nights (no additional pass required)
9pm-1am – The Smut Gala: Paradiso vs. Inferno with Meredith Wild

Sunday, October 22, 2017

10am-2pm – UnHoly Day: Angels & Sinners Sponsored by Elle Christensen

Saturday Signing

Will you have a map showing the author layout?

Of course we will! It will be available to download about a week prior to the signing and final printed copies will be available at registration.

Do you have signing limits?

We encourage you to get anything and everything you want to get signed: books, scrapbooks, t-shirts, swag, photos, etc.

We will enforce a 3-item limit to authors with lines longer than 10 people waiting. Enforcement will be at the discretion of the author, author assistant, and/or event volunteer. You may re-join the end of the line to have additional items signed as many times as you’d like.

What isn’t allowed into the signing?

Because of the size of our event and limited space for attendees, hard-sided carts, wagons, strollers, and luggage larger than a carry-on will not be allowed into the signing. This will be strictly enforced. We highly recommend this dBest Smart Cart.

The hotel’s Bell Services Desk is available to hold items that are not allowed inside the event space.

Is there an age limit?

No one under 16 will be admitted to any event; no one under 21 will be admitted to the After Party. This is an adult-only event. (Exceptions may apply for baby-wearing.)

How do I get in and out?

You may exit and re-enter the events at any time with your entry badge (or ticket bracelet for After Party entry).

How much is parking at the hotel?

Here are the prices we’ve been quoted by the hotel:

  • Overnight Guest – $12
  • Event-Only – $10 (no in/out privileges)
  • Valet – $21 +tip (no in/out privileges)
How early can I line up for the signing?

Two lines will be formed around the pool and terrace area: one VIP line and one regular attendee line. (A map of the lines will be in the Attendee Booklet you receive at registration.) It’s at the discretion of the hotel, but for us, you may line up as early as you’d like.

Will there be a spot for me to chillax and get a drink during the signing?

Of course! Water stations, tables, and chairs will be set up around the perimeter of the room during the signing. Feel free to take a load off and look through your new pretties!

How much money should I take?

Welp. That’s a personal question. Shameless and most authors will be accepting credit card payments, but many (including Shameless) prefer cash. There is an ATM on site at the hotel, so no worries if you don’t have cash on you when you arrive.

Here’s a short list of places and ways you’ll want to budget to spend your monies:

Fast Passes

How do Fast Passes work?

Don’t you like skipping lines and moving to the front? I do, too. Each attendee will be able to sign up for 2 Fast Passes during the signing.

Fast Pass sign-up is live! Sign up here!

Authors who will have Fast Passes: Mia Sheridan, Shayla Black, Tiffany Reisz, Alessandra Torre, Penelope Douglas, and Aurora Rose Reynolds.

  • Fast Passes are available in 30-minute increments from 12:00pm – 3:00pm.
    • All authors will be available on a first come, first meet basis from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.
  • Attendees may sign up for 2 Fast Passes, good for 2 different authors.
    • If you schedule more than one Fast Pass for any Author, we will cancel all of your duplicate Fast Passes.
  • Do not double-book your appointment times.
    • If you double-book (example: Author A at 12:00; Author B at 12:00), we will cancel all of your duplicates.
  • During the Fast Pass times, only those with the author’s Fast Pass will be able to meet that Fast Pass author.
    • If there is a lull in an author’s Fast Pass line, line managers will allow non-Fast Pass holders to meet the author.
  • Each attendee must schedule their own Fast Passes.
    • Only in prior-approved, special instances can an attendee schedule Fast Passes for another attendee.

Stuff & Swag

Will you be selling Shameless swag?

We’re happy to announce that we WILL have fun Shameless swag available for purchase during the signing event!

Can I buy a Shameless t-shirt?

Our Shameless Book Con t-shirts are up and available in our Zazzle store!

Will authors be handing out swag at their tables?

Uh. Yeah... You’ll have so much swag, you’ll probably have to ship some home.

What’s up with the charity raffle?

Our on-site $1 raffle was so successful last year, we’re doing it again! This year, your donations will be directly benefiting Equality Florida and Direct Relief. Bring your dolla dolla bills, y’all! You won’t be able to pass up the goodies we have up for raffle!

How does it work? During the signing on Saturday, drop a raffle ticket in the bucket of the prize displayed that you want to win. We will blind-draw a ticket from each bucket, and the winner will be contacted by text on Saturday to pick up their winning prize. Each ticket is $1, and to start off the fun, each attendee will have a raffle ticket in their registration pack!

What about any other stuff I should take?

We wrote a whole post about what you should take to an author event a few months ago. You’re welcome.

The Smut Gala

Do I haaaaaave to dress up for The Smut Gala?

Listen here, Wendy Whiner. We’re not your mom, but when you see the word “gala,” do you picture jeans and a t-shirt? I certainly don’t. We’ve been sharing ideas on what to wear, so give those posts a look-see. Plus, we’re giving away cold, hard cash and extra fun goodies to the best dressed attendees, and I’m sure you can use some of that.

Any other questions? Ask in the comments!


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